Sysix Highlights Top Infrastructure Considerations for Linux Purchase Decisions at HP World Conference

As Linux Operating System Gains Popularity, Companies are Advised to Evaluate

Infrastructure Support and Perform Application Testing to Ensure Maximum Value

From an Investment in Linux

Sep 24, 2002, 01:00 ET from Sysix Companies

    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- At the HP World Conference, Bob
 Panos, Director of Products for Sysix Companies, a national provider of IT
 business solutions spanning infrastructure, consulting and financing, advised
 companies evaluating the increasingly popular Linux operating system to
 consider infrastructure support issues and up-front performance testing of
 non-mission critical applications to ensure their companies are positioned to
 realize maximum value from a Linux investment.
     "Over the past few years, we've seen Linux grow up from a 'new-age,
 share-ware' type of open source code into a more mature and legitimate
 operating system that can offer the reliability, scalability and stability of
 the trusted Unix environment at an excellent value," explained Panos.
     "One of the main attractions to Linux is its ease of administration - it
 can offer a measurable labor and efficiency cost savings to many firms. A
 single person can administer Linux across multiple types of hardware. This is
 an attractive feature to a growing number of organizations who operate more
 than one brand of hardware within their computing environments." Panos added,
 "Today, with leading infrastructure providers such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM,
 Sun and Dell all introducing products pre-loaded with Linux, many technology
 managers are finding themselves at a cross-roads in determining whether Linux
 might be a value-add for their firms."
     "To ensure Linux is a viable choice for the enterprise, the evaluation
 process should take a hard look at the level of infrastructure support they
 will receive from Linux-based systems," said Panos.  "Support - not only for
 the Linux operating system, but also the applications that run on it, the
 associated hardware, storage devices, etc. - is a key issue.  Compatibility
 within systems is critical to the computer systems which run all the
 operations of the business.  As Linux is relatively new to mainstream
 computing, companies should make sure support is available from their
 technology providers.  Handling this task internally would require sometimes
 significant additional resources and time, which adds hidden costs to the
     End-users evaluating Linux should also test how the operating system can
 support key business applications, according to Panos. "An initial step in the
 evaluation process should be to test how Linux supports non-mission critical
 applications, such as a Web server, or the Q/A development function of the
 business," added Panos.
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     The Sysix Companies: Sysix Technologies, LLC; Sysix Consulting, LLC; and
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 including infrastructure, consulting and financial solutions. Headquartered
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