T. Rowe Price Offers Free Interactive 'Family Records Organizer'

New CD-ROM provides unique, secure and comprehensive tool to easily store

key information

Apr 18, 2007, 01:00 ET from T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.

    BALTIMORE, April 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- As part of its
 long-standing commitment to providing investors with world-class service
 and education, T. Rowe Price is now offering a free CD-ROM that provides a
 simple, secure tool to easily organize financial and other critical
 personal information.
     The unique, interactive "Family Records Organizer" CD-ROM offers a
 single place where individuals can safely store and update key personal
 data, providing an overall picture of their financial situation,
 facilitating conversations within families, and easing burdens on those who
 end up managing their affairs or estate.
     Many people have dozens of financial records, and keeping track of them
 can be difficult. This easy-to-use organizer helps to solve that challenge
 and provide heirs with what they will need to know. Among its features:
     -- The organizer is comprehensive, covering investments, credit cards,
        sources of income, insurance, loans, property holdings, medical
        information, and estate and funeral planning.
     -- It is interactive. Once the names of contacts are entered in one
        section of the program, they are stored in an address book and can be
        automatically summoned as needed in other sections.
     -- It is secure. Users need both the CD-ROM and a password to access
        personal information.
     -- It is educational. The organizer's Learning Center offers videos in
        which T. Rowe Price financial planners discuss key issues, as well as
        more than 40 text answers to a wide variety of questions - from the
        differences between Roth and Traditional IRAs to defining a health care
        power of attorney to a checklist for assessing funeral services and
        costs. There's also a "Help me!" function every step of the way.
     -- It can be customized. Print-outs of data can include all of it or
        exclude certain sensitive information, such as account balances or
        beneficiary designations.
     -- It is flexible. The program can be used in its entirety or just in
        parts. Data can be updated as needed, and there is even a "fast track"
        function enabling users to quickly enter just their most essential
        data. The program also includes places for adding extensive notes and
        even such miscellaneous contacts as phone and cable providers.
     "The Family Records Organizer" CD-ROM "is a great tool for
 consolidating financial information, and it can be of tremendous value to
 the people who care about you most," says Christine Fahlund, senior
 financial planner at T. Rowe Price.
     The organizer could be particularly useful in an emergency, and it also
 could help with sometimes difficult but essential conversations across
 generations about financial and estate matters. "Even for a simple estate,
 there's usually a lot of data to manage, without even including
 dollars-and- cents figures," Ms. Fahlund says. "Sometimes, I fear we don't
 realize how much we're asking of our family members when we name them to
 manage our financial affairs. The least we can do is make the job less
 onerous for them."
     The free CD-ROM is compatible with PCs (but not Macs) and can be
 ordered at troweprice.com/getorganized, by calling 1-800-538-2706 or by
 visiting a T. Rowe Price Investor Center.
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SOURCE T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.