Talkhouse(TM) Debuts Speech Retrieval Technology in Desktop Music Player

Free Trial Version Available at

Mar 27, 2007, 01:00 ET from Talkhouse, LLC

    WATERTOWN, Mass., March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Talkhouse, LLC, the
 developer of voice-activated music retrieval technology, announced today
 the launch of their new website and the availability of their voice
 activated music player. A trial version of the desktop application can now
 be downloaded for free at
     Created to eliminate the need to scroll, click or type in order to
 locate and organize digital music files, Talkhouse's voice activated
 desktop player allows users to simply press a button, then say what they
 want to hear. The application supports Windows XP or Vista, Mac 10.48+ or
 Linux and accepts all major music formats including Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, WMA,
 MP3, M4a and M4p.
     Talkhouse was created in 2006 by Joe Wolfel and Jill Lehman, who found
 that the bigger their music collection got, the harder it was to find the
 files they wanted to play.
     "Explosive growth in personal digital music collections has created a
 demand for a better way to search and organize it," said co-founder, Joe
 Wolfel, who has extensive experience with speech recognition technology
 from his previous work at Dragon Systems. "The places where music is most
 enjoyed -- at home, in the car or at the gym -- aren't always the best
 places to fumble around with a click wheel."
     The innovative Talkhouse speech retrieval technology moves beyond
 classic voice recognition by incorporating the user-friendliness of an
 Internet search engine, making finding digital music fast, easy and fun.
     "Talkhouse's speech retrieval technology is very impressive and works
 better than other voice activated programs available," said Lloyd Starr,
 music enthusiast and VP of User Interface Development for
 "You don't have to use exact phrases or commands to get what you want."
     For more information on Talkhouse or to access a free trial version of
 their Voice Activated Music Player, visit
     About Talkhouse ::
     Talkhouse, LLC is the developer of speech retrieval technology
 specifically for digital music management. Their Voice Activated Music
 Player is designed to search and organize a music library via a desktop
 application interface and is available to consumers on their website. The
 technology can also be licensed to audio manufacturers for integration into
 their own equipment. Established in 2006 by Joe Wolfel and Jill Lehman,
 Talkhouse is a privately held company based in Watertown, MA. For more
 information, visit
     Contact: Beth Jahnigen, +1-303-573-9100, ext. 216,,
     for Talkhouse, LLC

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