TaxiTech(TM) Approved to Provide Interactive Touch Screens for New York City Taxi Passengers

System Rated No. 1 in Wide-Ranging Passenger Survey Conducted by TLC

As seen on Fox TV

Jun 12, 2007, 01:00 ET from TaxiTech

    NEW YORK, June 12 /PRNewswire/ -- TaxiTech(TM), a leading provider of
 new technology for taxicabs, together with its vendors Ingenico, Apriva and
 Grey Island Systems, announced today that it has been approved by the New
 York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) to offer its highly-praised
 system, eTaxi(TM), to New York City's 13,000 taxicabs.
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     TaxiTech's platform, currently installed in 50 taxis, already earned
 the accolades of New Yorkers, 76% of whom rated the system "Excellent" in a
 recent survey by TLC - by far the highest rating of any vendor in the
 program. eTaxi(TM) features not only the largest interactive passenger
 touch screen on the market, with entertainment and useful information for
 passengers, but also enables passengers to pay for fare by credit card.
     Today TaxiTech launched its initial promotion for the technology,
 offering the most attractive commercial terms available to New York City
 medallion taxi owners. TaxiTech will share significant advertising revenue
 with them. "Through extensive third party market research conducted by the
 City, we have proven that it is possible not only to satisfy the City's
 rigorous testing requirements, but also to gain highly favorable
 'Excellent' ratings from the riding public," said Ed Sloam, President of
 TaxiTech. "We are proud to achieve that goal while also meeting the
 specialized requirements of the taxi industry."
     TaxiTech is the only industry vendor with a sales, installation and
 service facility in Manhattan. The company has invited the taxi community
 to participate in demonstrations and training programs at its West 57th
 Street location.
     TLC's approval marks the culmination of 3 years of development and
 testing by the company's in-house technology team working closely with a
 global consortium of vendors. Ingenico, a worldwide provider of electronic
 payment and secure transaction solutions, with over 10 million terminals
 deployed, provides the in-cab computer that manages the touch screen,
 payment system, and other technology components in the vehicle. Ingenico
 has rolled out similar technology in over 25,000 taxis worldwide. Apriva,
 the industry leader in wireless point of sale and secure messaging
 applications, provides the high-performance gateway that powers TaxiTech's
 secure and ultra-fast payment processing solution. Grey Island Systems, a
 provider of advanced, real-time GPS/AVL information systems, provides
 eTaxi(TM) customers with text messaging, vehicle location and automated
 trip sheet services.
     "New York City marks the first of many locales around the globe that
 will implement our technology enhancements to vastly improve the taxi
 passenger experience," said Jae Choi, Chairman of TaxiTech. "We are
 thrilled to participate in this historic moment."
     About TaxiTech
     TaxiTech uniquely combines three industries: interactive advertising
 and media; ground transportation; and wireless electronic payments. Using
 the eTaxi(TM) platform, TaxiTech enables advertisers to reach high income
 taxi passengers engaged by an appealing interactive user interface in a
 captive environment. The company enables taxi owners to better manage their
 taxi operations and gain new sources of income. Passengers benefit from
 TaxiTech's attractive content and entertainment on touch screens, as well
 as the ability to pay for fares quickly, conveniently, and safely, by
 credit card. TaxiTech sources products and services from best-of-class
 vendors that bring solid, substantial experience in their fields. The
 company operates facilities in New York, New York and Englewood, New
 Jersey. For more information about TaxiTech, visit
     About Ingenico
     Throughout the world businesses rely on Ingenico for secure and
 expedient electronic transaction acceptance. Ingenico products leverage
 proven technology, established standards and unparalleled ergonomics to
 provide optimal reliability, versatility and usability. This comprehensive
 range of products is complimented by a global array of services and
 partnerships, enabling businesses in a number of vertical sectors to accept
 transactions anywhere their business takes them. For more information about
 Ingenico, visit
     About Grey Island Systems
     Grey Island Systems International Inc. (TSX VENTURE: GIS), through its
 subsidiaries NextBus Inc. in Alameda, California, InterFleet, Inc. in New
 York, New York and Grey Island Systems, Inc. in Toronto, Canada, is a
 technology leader providing custom real-time GPS/AVL, security and
 telematics solutions as well as real-time passenger information systems to
 government and related fleets. To find out more about Grey Island's
 products and services, visit and
     About Apriva
     Apriva is the leading wireless solutions provider integrating the
 hardware, software and network infrastructure required to develop and
 deploy high-performance high-reliability solutions in the Point of Sale
 (POS) and Secure Mobile Messaging markets. Apriva offers end-to-end
 solutions for Point of Sale that make it easy and cost-effective to
 develop, deploy and maintain highly secure and reliable business critical
 mobile applications. For more information about Apriva, visit
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