TechnoBusiness Forum for the Forest Products Industry Will Feature E. Clayton Teague, Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office for NSF

Aug 12, 2005, 01:00 ET from Institute of Paper Science and Technology

    ATLANTA, Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- A key participant in the upcoming
 September 19 and 20, 2005, TechnoBusiness Forum (co-hosted by the Center for
 Paper Business and Industry Studies -- CPBIS -- and the Institute of Paper
 Science and Technology -- IPST) to be held at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA is
 Dr. E. Clayton Teague, Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination
 Office (NNCO).  This office serves as the secretariat for the National Science
 and Technology Council's Nanoscale Science, Engineering, and Technology
 Subcommittee that coordinates Federal government efforts in the area of
 nanoscale science and technology.  The goal of the National Nanotechnology
 Initiative is to fully realize the promise of nanotechnology and translate
 that promise into improvements in the national economy, national security, and
 the quality of life while protecting the public health and the environment.
 Dr. Teague will participate in both a leading edge panel session on
 nanotechnology and deliver the keynote on Day Two of the TechnoBusiness Forum.
     TechnoBusiness -- The term implies a bond between technology and
 business -- an interdependence that drives both to achieve more together than
 separately.  This term is well suited to the forest products industry, where
 research and innovation have driven process improvement and new product
 development for decades -- but not necessarily as value enhancing as possible
 or as needed.  The 2005 Forum program is designed around a theme that embraces
 Open Innovation and Enhanced Platforms for Innovation and how they
 collectively relate to Enterprise Transformation that will generate value
 enhancing operating and organization performance improvements now and across
     Attendees will participate in open forum discussion panels organized to
 highlight the need for and issues around pursuing an open innovation approach
 to tomorrow's key industry developmental and improved performance issues.  One
 core discussion panel -- to be led by Dr. Phil Jones of Imerys and on which
 Dr. Teague will participate -- will focus on the role of open innovation in
 the development of nanotechnology and how this evolutionary advancement can
 help sustain and grow the forest products industry in terms of both scope and
 enhanced performance.
     Dr. Jones offers -- "Clayton Teague is intimately involved in open
 innovation across US industry and government sponsored R&D, with a focus on
 nanotechnology.  His key role is in connecting up the diverse range of
 activities and enables the adoption of Nanotechnology by industry.  We are
 honored to have Dr. Teague participate in our Forum and focus his expertise on
 the forest products industry."
     Dr. Teague adds -- "Nanotechnology is not just the study of small things.
 Nanoscale research and development is the study of materials, devices, and
 systems that exhibit physical and chemical properties quite different from
 those found in larger scale systems.  As a scientist who has worked for over
 twenty-five years in some of the fields now included in nanotechnology, I
 would like to offer my perspective, through this Forum, on how this technology
 is developing and offer perspectives on how this technology relates to the
 forest products industry."
     Dr. Jim McNutt, Executive Director of the Center for Paper Business and
 Industry Studies (CPBIS), notes -- "The emergence of new technologies, such as
 nanotechnology, will help transform the essence of the forest products
 industry enterprises if our industry can embrace a working process to develop
 and implement such technologies in a timely, substantive and economical
 fashion.  The adoption of an open innovation type platform has the true
 process potential to help our industry remain both a social and economical
 force in today's fast changing world."
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