Telarix Expands 2004 IBO Market Share in a Year Marked by High Sales Growth

Telecom Software Solutions Provider Strengthens its Interconnect

Market Leadership Position

Jan 13, 2005, 00:00 ET from Telarix, Inc.

    VIENNA, Va., Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Telarix, Inc., the leading innovator
 in Interconnect Business Optimization (IBO) software, today announced that it
 achieved 2004 sales growth of 140 percent over 2003, and substantially added
 to its growing global Tier-1 client list. Telarix clients include
 internationally known carriers such as BellSouth, Embratel, Global Crossing,
 KDDI, T-Systems, Telefonica and TELUS.
     Telarix attributes its 2004 success to its ability to deliver IBO
 solutions capable of providing carriers with proactive network intelligence to
 more effectively manage their networks.  This enables them to make near real-
 time decisions about capacity and routing, leading to increased margin and
 decreased risk from inter-carrier disputes.
     "Carriers are simultaneously focused on leveraging new revenue-generating
 products and increasing margin while recouping lost revenue," explained
 Telarix CEO Amir Yazdanpanah.  "iXTools is uniquely positioned to help today's
 carriers understand traffic volumes and the cost of each call traversing their
 networks.  The ability to possess this level of detailed information is a new
 development for most carriers.  It allows them to manage their networks more
 intelligently and respond to market conditions in ways that they could not
 achieve before."
     Powered by its innovative, scalable processing architecture, iXTools
 provides the greatest level of proactive intelligence in the industry.  By
 individually processing each event record generated by VoIP and TDM switches,
 and aggregating and processing them for specific purposes, iXTools enables
 service providers to quickly react to changing routing and traffic conditions
 through real-time alerts and optimization suggestions.
     This innovation introduces a new level of power to carriers by enabling
 accurate interconnect traffic optimization and decision support to occur at
 daily and even hourly intervals.  In addition, the management of complex
 bilateral and hubbing agreements is simplified and streamlined, with increased
 accuracy in billing and settlement.
     "Operators today continue to focus on issues such as improving the
 customer experience, profitability and operational excellence," stated Jason
 Briggs, program manager with the Yankee Group, an industry research and
 consulting firm. "Operators will evolve to provide additional services, such
 as IPTV and VoIP that will result in a more competitive communications
 environment. This environment will demand a heightened level of operational
 efficiency and responsiveness allowing carriers to better control corporate
 costs and align these costs with corresponding revenue."
     "With innovative products that help carriers solve critical business
 problems, Telarix is helping carriers build stronger businesses," stated
 Yazdanpanah.  "I am proud of the deep technical experience of our employees,
 and particularly of the dedication they show every day to providing in-depth
 service and solutions that truly respond to customer needs."
     About Telarix
     Telarix, Inc., delivers the leading Interconnect Business Optimization
 (IBO) software solution, which gives telecommunications companies the ability
 to easily manage costs and drive profitability on their interconnect traffic.
 Telarix's innovative platform, iXTools, maximizes carrier profitability by
 leveraging operational intelligence to enable real-time business decisions.
 The company's web-based tools analyze and report on traffic, rates, and
 destinations almost as quickly as the calls move across the global network.
 The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Vienna, VA. Please
 visit for more information.
     CONTACT:  Christine Keck of SheaHedges Group, +1-703-287-7822,, for Telarix, Inc.; or Sahar Javadi of Telarix, Inc.,

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