Telarix Publishes White Paper on Interconnect Optimization Alternatives

Telecom Solutions Provider Confirms Benefits of Event-Based

Call Detail Record Processing in White Paper

Feb 17, 2005, 00:00 ET from Telarix, Inc.

    VIENNA, Va., Feb. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Telarix, Inc., the leading innovator
 in Interconnect Business Optimization (IBO) solutions, today announced that it
 has published a new white paper entitled, "Real-Time Event-Based Call Detail
 Record (CDR) Processing: The Key to Increasing Interconnect Carrier Margin."
 This internally-authored white paper examines the evolution of IBO
 alternatives and confirms that event-based processing architectures provide
 greater flexibility, accuracy and functionality to the interconnect industry.
     Today's carriers operate in a complex environment, where competition has
 driven down prices and profit margins have dropped sharply. To most
 efficiently route and terminate calls around the world, carriers typically
 have partnerships with between 40 to 100 different carriers.  Management of
 traffic over carrier and partner networks can be a challenge when dealing with
 rapidly changing rates and termination costs that result in large volumes of
 network data. The true complexity of today's interconnect business is realized
 when analyzing, enhancing and rapidly acting on these data.
     "The constant interaction that global carriers face on a daily basis has
 created a fast-moving environment that even the most experienced telecom-
 industry veterans need to pay attention to," said Amir Yazdanpanah, CEO of
 Telarix.  "To make the smartest routing and interconnect decisions,
 interconnect managers need the most accurate data available from their
 networks.  Processing CDRs individually enables carriers to more effectively
 optimize their interconnect traffic and helps them compete in near real-time,
 with the rapidly changing nature of today's industry."
     Some carriers in the past have used systems, which process CDRs at an
 aggregated level on which they base their traffic margin analysis and routing
 decisions.  At the time, the rationale for this approach was that it provided
 a more effective rating performance than event-based processing systems, with
 an acceptably lower level of accuracy.  As the white paper argues, carriers
 using aggregated processing systems do not achieve net gains in rating
 performance compared to event-based processing systems, yet are subjected to
 substantially lower routing accuracy and overall margin realization.
     The level of detail achieved through event-based processing provides
 increased visibility into the capacity of a carrier's network and the networks
 of its wholesale partners. Event-based processing also provides a stronger
 means of achieving interconnect business optimization for several reasons.
     *  Critical business information is delivered in near real-time that
        allows interconnect managers to adopt the most optimal rates to call
        destinations and make intelligent business decisions, including key
        capacity and routing decisions.
     *  Partner agreements can be managed by first rating CDRs at the
        individual level and then aggregating them in groups.  This allows the
        data to be reviewed and rate differences or discounts applied from the
        terms of the bilateral agreement.
     *  Applying the most accurate rates to individual CDRs achieves a greater
        level of detail and accuracy and provides carriers with the true cost
        of calls traversing the network.
     *  Event-based CDR processing provides carriers an accurate inventory of
        each call that crosses its network.  This detailed information allows
        carriers to better prepare for and negotiate inter-carrier disputes
        should they arise.
     "The power and sophistication of iXTools delivers a superior alternative
 for interconnect carriers," said Shawn Zargham, Chief Technology Officer of
 Telarix.  "With iXTools' robust processing engine, interconnect managers have
 access to enriched data that they can quickly analyze, understand and act on.
 The accuracy that results from event-based processing contributes to a strong
 impact on the bottom lines of carriers today."
     To download the white paper, go to:
     About Telarix
     Telarix, Inc. is the leading innovator Interconnect Business Optimization
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 Telarix's innovative platform, iXTools, maximizes carrier profitability by
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