Telefonica Deutschland Chooses Telarix to Deliver Traffic Management, Trading and Least Cost Routing Software

Apr 28, 2004, 01:00 ET from Telarix, Inc.

    VIENNA, Va., April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Telarix, Inc., the leading provider
 of Interconnect Business Optimization software, today announced an agreement
 with Telefonica Deutschland GmbH to implement Telarix's iXTools to provide
 traffic, revenue and cost visibility, and to support the trading and routing
 processes for Telefonica's Germany-based interconnect voice operations.  The
 implementation will allow Telefonica Deutschland GmbH to grow its emerging
 interconnect voice business, providing insight into voice traffic and
 financial data for the carrier.  Telefonica Deutschland GmbH is a subsidiary
 of international telecom service provider, Telefonica International Wholesale
 Services, and is the first Telefonica group member to choose Telarix.
     Telefonica International Wholesale Services selected Telarix's iXTools to
 enable a real-time view of its German and UK networks and to better monitor
 its interconnect agreements with international telecom carriers.  The company
 selected Telarix among several other vendors because of the flexibility and
 functionality of its solution.  In addition, Telarix was selected for its
 ability to provide local and global support, and to deploy quickly within
 Telefonica Deutschland's networks.
     With global interconnect voice activity on the rise, the need for
 streamlined methods to reduce costs and lower the risk of lost revenue is
 high.  iXTools will provide round-the-clock visibility into Telefonica
 Deutschland's networks and the ability to analyze risks and rewards when
 dealing with telecommunications carriers.
     "We were impressed by Telarix's ability to respond to our need for rapid
 implementation and to provide an end-to-end solution at the same time," said
 Susana Calvo Redondo, director of international carrier services for
 Telefonica Deutschland GmbH.  "By having a high-quality solution, we are
 confident we will create operational efficiencies and have detailed visibility
 throughout our organization.  This type of business intelligence is invaluable
 as we work to expand Telefonica Deutschland's international wholesale
 business.  We hope to broaden our partnership with Telarix within Telefonica
 International Wholesale Services."
     The traditional method of manually inputting routing and rate changes can
 take a carrier days or even weeks to compile and analyze the data.  iXTools
 streamlines the rate, dial code, and routing management processes.  In
 addition, it also provides a business intelligence and analytics platform that
 enables carriers to make better and timelier business decisions.
     "Our success is measured by our client's ability to improve its
 profitability," stated Amir Yazdanpanah, CEO for Telarix.  "Telefonica
 Deutschland looked to Telarix to provide a solution that allows them to
 analyze financial and interconnect data that will be crucial in managing their
 voice operations.  We are pleased we were able to quickly deliver a cutting-
 edge solution that will be a key element to their long-term success."
     About Telarix
     Telarix, Inc., delivers the leading Interconnect Business Optimization
 (IBO) software solution, which gives telecommunications companies the ability
 to easily manage costs and drive profitability on their interconnect traffic.
 Telarix's innovative platform, iXTools, maximizes carrier profitability by
 leveraging operational intelligence to enable real-time business decisions.
 The company's web-based tools analyze and report on traffic, rates, and
 destinations almost as quickly as the calls move across the global network.
 The company was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Vienna, VA.  Please
 visit for more information.
     About Telefonica Deutschland GmbH
     Telefonica Deutschland GmbH is one of the most important providers of
 Internet services and second-largest national IP-carrier and belongs to the
 Telefonica-Group of companies, one of the biggest global acting
 telecommunications group of companies.  Telefonica in Germany solely deals
 with business customers and offers middle-sized and large companies full-
 service Internet services.  The IP-Carrier uses the worldwide network of their
 Spanish mother-company and services in Germany a 35,000 km long backbone with
 270 points of presence.
     (*based on online-minute-volume)
     Information on the company:
     Picture material upon request via
     About Telefonica International Wholesale Services
     The Telefonica Group manages all its voice, IP, data and capacity
 wholesale services along with its supporting network under an organization
 named Telefonica International Wholesale Services.  This business unit was
 created with a main objective: to become one of the world leaders in the
 telecom wholesale business.  This goal, backed by our presence in Spanish and
 Portuguese-speaking countries, is based upon the offering, as a wholesale
 provider, of a broad and competitive service portfolio for international
 carriers. Telefonica International Wholesale Services globally manages every
 element of the wholesale business (legal, commercial, network, finance and
 administrative).  In addition, Telefonica International Wholesale Services has
 local organizations in the markets where the Telefonica Group has a strong
 presence.  With this new structure, our performance and customer relationship
 management will exceed your expectations.  For more information, please visit:

SOURCE Telarix, Inc.