Telenor Selects Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi for National IPTV Service in Sweden

Smart Wi-Fi Technology Used to Let Swedish Consumers Self-Install Popular

IPTV Services Where and When They Want

Mar 12, 2008, 01:00 ET from Ruckus Wireless, Inc.

    LONDON, March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- IPTV WORLD FORUM -- Ruckus Wireless
 today announced that it has been selected by Telenor, the world's seventh
 largest mobile operator, to supply Smart Wi-Fi 802.11g systems for the
 wireless distribution of its popular Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)
 service, offered to subscriber homes throughout Sweden through the wholly
 owned subsidiary Bredbandsbolaget.
     Under the agreement, Ruckus Wireless is supplying Telenor with its
 award-winning MediaFlex 802.11g Smart Wi-Fi systems. The Ruckus MediaFlex
 systems are being made available to consumers in Sweden through Telenor
 retail outlets, and can be easily self-installed by subscribers.
     Ruckus-patented Smart Wi-Fi technology was selected by Telenor to
 reduce installation costs, speed subscriber acquisition and give customers
 greater freedom and flexibility over the installation and distribution of
 its IPTV service within the home.
     "The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi system lets us return control of the digital
 television experience back into the hands of the customer, where it should
 be," said Marcus Nylen, CEO of Bredbandsbolaget, Sweden's second largest
 fixed ISP. "With Smart Wi-Fi from Ruckus Wireless we are in a position to
 better service our subscribers by effectively eliminating cumbersome and
 costly wiring while giving them the freedom to put TVs anywhere in the
 home, and move them around as they see fit."
     Bredbandsbolaget is a leading provider of broadband services in Sweden
 with over 450,000 broadband customers. The company operates an all-IP
 network providing customers with LAN access of up to 100 mbit/s and DSL
 access up to 24 mbit/s. It provides a wide range of digital media services
 such as video on demand, IPTV, music downloads, virtual storage, security
 services, gaming services and much more. Bredbandsbolaget's fast growing
 IPTV service delivers consumers a rich menu of scheduled programming and
 Pay TV services using standard MPEG-2 technology.
     Telenor currently offers a wide-range of standard definition IPTV
 channels, each with a data rate of approximately 3.5 mbit/s. A single
 Ruckus MediaFlex system can support five or more MPEG-4 standard definition
 multicast IPTV streams simultaneously being transmitted to different TVs
 within the home. The Ruckus MediaFlex 802.11g system will also support two
 HD (MPEG-4) IPTV streams concurrently.
     Sweden's high broadband penetration rate has been achieved on the back
 of extensive investment in fast DSL and fiber upgrades, which provide the
 infrastructure for triple play services. The country is at the forefront of
 digital terrestrial TV, which can be accessed by more than 98% of the
 population, and began the first stage of its digital switchover in
 September 2005, ahead of the rest of Europe.
     "Having been selected by national carriers in Germany, Belgium,
 Singapore, Hong Kong, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and now Sweden,
 Ruckus Wireless has clearly proven that Smart Wi-Fi is the right technology
 at the right time," said Selina Lo, president and CEO of Ruckus Wireless.
 "Over the last year, our Wi-Fi business has exploded and Europe has led the
 way. With Smart Wi-Fi, service providers now have the confidence to make
 Wi-Fi a strategic part of their service strategy."
     Smart Wi-Fi is a newest innovation in 802.11 technology that uses
 advances in intelligent antenna arrays and quality of service to double the
 range, reliability and performance of wireless communications. Smart Wi-Fi
 works by continuously routing Wi-Fi signals over the best and highest
 performing paths while steering these Wi-Fi signals around interference as
 it is experienced. This enables Smart Wi-Fi systems to automatically adapt
 to the changing Wi-Fi environment and support real-time, delay-sensitive
 applications such as streaming digital video.
     The Ruckus Wireless system is the world's first and only Wi-Fi system
 specifically developed to reliably transmit IP-based streaming digital
 video over standard 802.11 technology. The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi system has
 now been adopted by over 122 broadband operators and service providers
 around the world.
     About Telenor
     Telenor is an international provider of high quality mobile
 communications services to customers in 12 markets across Asia and Europe.
 Telenor is also a leading provider of fixed-line and media services in the
 Nordic countries. In September 2007 Telenor was named the top performing
 mobile operator on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes. The Telenor Group
 Headquarters are situated at Fornebu in Norway. Telenor's shares are listed
 on the Oslo Stock Exchange (TEL).
     About Bredbandsbolaget
     Bredbandsbolaget offers high speed broadband for internet access,
 telephony, digital TV and other services. It is Sweden's second largest
 broadband supplier after Telia, and has more than 450,000 customers.
 Bredbandsbolaget is a part of the Telenor Group, one of the leading full
 service telecommunication suppliers in the Nordic region, including mobile
 and fixed telephony as well as networking and internet access services.
     About Ruckus Wireless, Inc.
     Based in Sunnyvale, California, Ruckus Wireless is a next-generation
 Wi-Fi company credited with pioneering "Smart Wi-Fi" technology. Named a
 2007 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, Ruckus Wireless was
 formed in 2004 at Sequoia Capital. The company designs, develops and
 markets industrial-strength Wi-Fi systems that provide reliable
 distribution of delay-sensitive multimedia content and services over
 standard 802.11 technology. Its flagship product, ZoneFlex, is the first
 wireless LAN system to combine the best in centralized wireless LAN
 principles with state-of-the-art Wi-Fi advances such as smart antenna
 arrays and wireless meshing. Its MediaFlex line of multimedia wireless
 routers is used by more than 125 broadband operators around the world to
 extend digital services such as IPTV throughout the home without wires. The
 company's patented hardware and software technologies deliver predictable
 performance, extended range and real-time adaptability to changing Wi-Fi
 environments. The company has raised approximately $42 million in financing
 from premier venture capital investors, consumer electronics companies and
 broadband operators such as Motorola, T-Ventures, Telus, Sutter Hill
 Ventures, Mitsui, Sequoia and others. Ruckus Wireless is led by President
 and CEO Selina Lo. For more information, visit the company's Web site at
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