TELMEX Selects OSI for Operations Support Systems to Manage Its Telecommunications Networks Nationwide

Five-Year Agreement Will Bring Leading Operations Support Systems to Mexico's

Largest Telecommunications Network

Jan 28, 1998, 00:00 ET from Objective Systems Integrators, Inc.

    FOLSOM, Calif., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Telefonos de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
 (TELMEX), in its efforts to satisfy Mexico's burgeoning telecommunications
 demands, has selected Objective Systems Integrators, Inc. (Nasdaq:   OSII) as
 its vendor of choice to provide operations support systems (OSSs) throughout
 its network operations.  Under a five-year master agreement, TELMEX (NYSE:  
 TMX) can deploy OSI's NetExpert(R)-based OSSs in wireline, wireless,
 transport, local loop, and broadband communications and in messaging, data
 center operations, and Internet access.  The agreement sets forth 53
 NetExpert-based projects which TELMEX may implement over the next five years.
 Implementing these OSSs is part of a broader reengineering and expansion plan
 by TELMEX which includes the use of NetExpert in other projects not named in
 the master agreement.  Revenues to OSI for the first project, which is
 presently underway and includes OSI's trafficMASTER(TM) application component,
 should exceed $5 million.
     "Our commitment to offering the greatest breadth, most advanced
 technology, and highest quality services in wireline and wireless
 communications requires that TELMEX employ best-of-breed telecom equipment
 from many different manufacturers," said Juan Ludlow, vice president of
 business and operations support systems for TELMEX. "NetExpert-based OSSs will
 enable TELMEX to rapidly deploy new equipment and services while maintaining a
 consistent user interface for our OSS operators."
     TELMEX selected OSI's NetExpert framework after reviewing competitive
 products for their ability to support multivendor networks, provide
 scalability to handle network growth, integrate with legacy systems, and
 enable rapid deployment of new services.
     "We're pleased to have been selected as a partner of TELMEX to help expand
 and manage what has become one of the world's most comprehensive and advanced
 service-provider networks," said Dick Vento, co-CEO of OSI.  "The ability to
 meet the network management needs of an entire country's telecommunications
 infrastructure raises the bar for OSS suppliers."
     TELMEX intends to develop an internal capability to implement its own
 NetExpert-based OSSs by training 40 of its employees in NetExpert development
 and administration.  Several integrators, including OSI, will also be used to
 implement TELMEX's NetExpert-based OSSs.  OSI will open an office in Mexico to
 support these endeavors.
     Network Convergence Creates Demand for More Flexible OSSs
     "OSI's NetExpert product has proven its ability to provide comprehensive
 support for our multivendor networks, and has proven to be scalable to manage
 several million objects -- two criteria in our decision to establish it as our
 network management standard," said Ludlow.  "As a result, we can quickly
 deploy new equipment without disrupting existing network operations.  Rapid
 deployment of services to our customers will be a critical element for
 competing in Mexico's deregulated telecommunications market."
     TELMEX also selected NetExpert because it is a flexible framework that can
 be easily adapted to provide support for key functional areas of network
 operations including fault management, performance management, provisioning,
 service activation, inventory, configuration management, test management,
 workflow management, and data collection.  "In part, it was NetExpert's
 ability to support these functions across our many network domains that lead
 us to establish it as our OSS standard," added Ludlow.
     TELMEX Plans First Phase of OSS Reengineering
     In the first phase of its long-term OSS reengineering plan, TELMEX will
 install OSI's trafficMASTER application component to monitor wireline
 switching throughout TELMEX's nationwide switch network.
     Objective Systems Integrators, Inc. is a leading provider of TMN-based
 OSSs used by telecommunications carriers to simplify network integration and
 management.  Headquartered in Folsom, Calif., OSI has offices throughout the
 United States, Asia-Pacific, and in Europe.  OSI's home page on the World Wide
 Web is
     TELMEX is the leading provider of local, long distance, data, and image
 transmission services in Mexico.  TELMEX has a system of over nine million
 service lines, 800 central office switches, and a nationwide optical-fiber
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