tel(x) & Stealth Communications Launch The Big APE(SM); Poised to Change the Networking Landscape

Apr 19, 2005, 01:00 ET from tel(x)

    NEW YORK, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- tel(x), the premier operator of telecom
 "meet-me" network interconnection facilities, and Stealth Communications,
 owner and operator of the Voice Peering Fabric, announce the launch of The Big
 Apple Peering Exchange(SM) (or The Big APE) at tel(x) New York's core
 interconnection facility located at 60 Hudson Street.  At the foundation of
 this new peering exchange is the Force10 E-Series, which delivers the
 resilient Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet performance required to provide
 cost-effective peering services.
     This new IPV4 peering fabric is located at tel(x) New York, where over 200
 network providers are present and interconnecting, and where 80% of these
 customers are voice and/or VoIP providers.  Therefore the location and the
 ability to peer cost-effectively makes the Big Apple Peering Exchange poised
 to change the networking landscape.
     tel(x), the premier interconnection facility located in the heart of 60
 Hudson Street, a traditionally voice-centric carrier hotel, will now emerge as
 one of the largest Internet peering points in the world.  This change will
 occur for two reasons: (1.) there's never been a dominant 1/10 Gigabit
 Ethernet peering fabric located in either tel(x) or 60 Hudson and (2.) the
 economics of the Big APE is highly compelling, thereby creating a huge
 catalyst for most Internet service providers to get connected to the fabric.
 Initial participants include: eircom, F-Route Server (one of the main route
 servers of the Internet), Net2Phone, Progress Telecom, PPL Telcom, WV Fiber
 and Stealth Communications.
     "Together with Force10 at tel(x), Stealth Communications has created and
 maintains a 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet peering fabric to help ISPs more efficiently
 pass network traffic," states Shrihari Pandit, the CEO and founder of Stealth
 Communications.  "Considering that a Gigabit Ethernet port is priced at
 $1000/year, we anticipate that this new fabric will help justify and build the
 business case for significant IP peering at tel(x) New York."
     The Force10 E-Series family of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet
 switch/routers deliver the industry-leading density and resiliency that
 guarantees maximum network availability.  With distinct processing units for
 switching, routing and management functionalities as well as built-in
 redundancy of all key components, the Force10 E-Series is uniquely able to
 provide the non-stop performance required in a peering exchange that is
 connecting hundreds of service providers.
     "tel(x) welcomes Stealth Communications' endeavors and applications within
 our carrier & enterprise network marketplace," states Hunter Newby, Chief
 Strategy Officer of tel(x). "Stealth's continuous support and assistance in
 solving interconnection problems is directly aligned with tel(x)'s layer one
 network interconnection business model.  tel(x) also looks forward to a
 mutually-beneficial relationship with Force10 and all the users of the Big
 APE.  The launch of this ground breaking peering exchange is truly a defining
 moment in New York City's Internet connectivity, and we are proud to be
     About Stealth Communications, Inc.
     Established in 1995, Stealth Communications is a privately-held, New
 York-based company, specializing in providing high-performance data services.
 Stealth owns and operates the Voice Peering Fabric.  For more information
 regarding Stealth and the Big APE, visit and
     About tel(x)
     tel(x) is the internationally recognized, premier operator of telecom
 "meet-me" network interconnection facilities.  The tel(x) facilities are
 considered two of the most densely populated "core" interconnect sites in
 North America.  More than 200 networks physically converge within tel(x)'s New
 York City facility, and more than 80 networks physically converge within its
 Atlanta facility. Often described as a "marketplace" for network services,
 tel(x) actively promotes, encourages, and facilitates telecom business
 opportunities between and among its carrier and enterprise customers.  tel(x)
 customers report higher revenue, greater profit margins, and lower costs from
 their tel(x) based network operations.  Known for its "best of class"
 facilities and customer support services, tel(x) continues to enjoy industry
 leading growth, expansion, and profitability. tel(x) is a privately held
 company, headquartered in New York City, USA.

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