Teranetics Announces Production Availability of Industry's Only Single Chip Ethernet 10GBASE-T PHY

Chip includes all the Features essential for Commercial Deployment Today;

IEEE 802.3an Compliance, including 100m reach, and 10G/1G Multi-Rate


May 08, 2007, 01:00 ET from Teranetics, Inc.

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Teranetics, Inc., a leading
 provider of high performance Ethernet solutions, announces immediate
 production availability of the company's TN1010 Ethernet 10GBASE-T PHY.
 This single-chip solution is designed to support transmission of 10Gb/s
 data over copper LANs. The device is used in switches, servers and storage
     The TN1010 PHY supports cost-effective single and dual port NIC
 implementations. The device power and size enable high density 10G switch
 implementations. Compliant to the IEEE 802.3an standard, the device
 operates on CAT6A/CAT7 cabling up to 100 meters and CAT6 cabling up to 55
 meters. And with the inclusion of auto-negotiated multi-rate 10G/1G
 support, the TN1010 completes the value proposition that makes copper UTP
 the connection of choice for the data center.
     "As demand increases for high density, high performance data services
 combined with new drive for video services over the Internet, the need for
 higher-speed network switches, routers and servers is growing," said Matt
 Rhodes, chief executive officer, Teranetics. "10GBASE-T represents a
 significant cost savings over more expensive optical solutions and is the
 way to mainstream 10G connections for corporate and service provider data
 centers and enterprise networks.
     "Though some vendors have demonstrated 10GBASE-T silicon, the
 Teranetics' TN1010 is the first single chip PHY for 10Gbps Ethernet over
 copper," said Jag Bolaria senior analyst at the Linley Group. "With the
 TN1010, Teranetics can claim leadership in this market on the basis of
 integration and performance. By meeting system requirements of NIC,
 switches and servers, Teranetics is establishing a strong position at OEMs
 of these products."
     Sampling since November 2006, the TN1010 PHY has been designed into
 multiple high-volume switch, server and storage platforms.
     "Neterion has worked with Teranetics to be among the first to bring
 10GBASE-T NICs to the market," stated Dave Zabrowski, president and CEO of
 Neterion. "Standard compliance of the TN1010 enables our customers to use
 the performance advantage of the Xframe(R) family of V-NIC(TM) adapters to
 scale their data centers with links up to 100 meters and assure
 interoperability with multiple equipment vendors."
     "As a leader in providing 10G transceiver modules to 10G switch OEM's,
 Opnext knows our customers have a requirement for a pluggable BASE-T
 option," said Rich Zoccollilo, Vice President and General Manager at Opnext
 (OPXT), "The Teranetics 10GBASE-T PHY allowed us to develop a Xenpak module
 which provides a pluggable 10G BASE-T solution for existing Ethernet
     Pricing and Availability
     The device is available directly through Teranetics by calling
 1-408-653-2200, sending email to tera-info@teranetics.com, or through the
 company's Web site at http://www.teranetics.com.
     About Teranetics
     Teranetics is a leading provider of silicon solutions that enable
 significantly higher data rates over structured copper cabling than are
 currently available in today's Ethernet network environments. Led by a team
 with exceptional expertise and experience in the development and
 application of mixed-signal semiconductor solutions and digital
 communication technologies, Teranetics is the first company to ship a
 production-ready 10GBASE-T semiconductor designed for next generation
 network applications.
     Teranetics is backed by a strong consortium of venture investors with
 in-depth experience and success in the semiconductor and data networking
 markets. For more information, go to http://www.teranetics.com.
     Teranetics and TERAPHY are trademarks of Teranetics, Inc. All other
 product names and company names are trademarks of their respective holders.
     10GBASE-T (IEEE 802.3an) standard was ratified by the IEEE in June
 2006. 10GBASE-T offers 10x the speed previously available over structured
 twisted pair cabling that has been the backbone of LAN infrastructure for
 two decades. 10GBASE-T is also easier to use and deploy and far less
 expensive than 10 Gb/s connections via optical fiber or Infiniband.
     10GBASE-T provides the missing piece that has been holding up wide
 adoption of 10G in enterprise LANs. The Teranetics TN1010 PHY further
 simplifies adoption of 10G due to its ability to connect to existing 1G
 ports via its industry standard 10G/1G auto-negotiation feature.
     With a 10Gbps infrastructure in place, organizations can accelerate the
 adoption of bandwidth-intensive applications like high performance
 computing, hi-definition video transfers and peer-to-peer services.

SOURCE Teranetics, Inc.