Teraphysics Receives STTR Contract to Develop High-Power Miniature Gigahertz Amplifier for Air Force

Oct 03, 2006, 01:00 ET from Teraphysics Corporation

    CLEVELAND, Oct. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Teraphysics Corporation has received
 a $100,000 Phase I Small Business Technology Transfer contract from the Air
 Force Office of Scientific Research for the development of a miniature 95
 gigahertz amplifier for high power radar and communications applications.
     In collaboration with RTI-International of Research Triangle Park,
 North Carolina, Teraphysics will employ state of the art microfabrication
 technology in the development of a diamond studded micro helix traveling
 wave tube (TWT). The device will be designed by Teraphysics adapting
 technology previously patented by the company. Fabrication experiments to
 establish the feasibility of the design will be conducted at RTI and the
 Teraphysics facility in Cleveland.
     "This contract is intended not only to develop an amplifier with a wide
 range of military and commercial applications, but to explore the
 applicability of fabrication techniques that have not previously been
 utilized in this technical area," said Dr. Jim Dayton, chief technology
 officer for Teraphysics and principal investigator on the contract.
     Teraphysics primarily develops compact and efficient devices that
 operate in or near the terahertz band, the only commercially untapped
 portion of the electro-magnetic spectrum. The company has engineered the
 world's first palm- sized signal source operating in the valuable terahertz
 frequency range capable of broad commercial and military applications.
     The company has received 12 development contracts from seven government
 agencies for total federal funding of $4 million since August 2002. Four
 are SBIR Phase II contracts.
     The Air Force wants to develop a new class of miniature high power
 transmitters for operation at 95 gigahertz. At the same time, they seek to
 apply to vacuum electronics the manufacturing opportunities offered by
 microfabrication technology initially developed for other areas.
     Dayton and the Teraphysics team will develop the novel 95 gigahertz
 traveling wave tube by combining proven computer aided design techniques,
 the company's proprietary application of nanotechnology for
 laboratory-grown diamond and RTI's microfabrication expertise.
     The typical TWT, used in nearly all microwave and millimeter wave
 transmitters, has a helical wire coil supported within a metal barrel by
 ceramic rods. However, conventional fabrication techniques have limited the
 helical TWT performance range to less than 60 gigahertz. To achieve 95
 gigahertz in this device, the ceramic rods will be replaced by diamond
 studs and the helix will be fabricated using novel lithographic techniques
 rather than winding a metal wire around a mandrel.
     Teraphysics Corporation, a Cleveland, Ohio-based company, develops
 devices that operate in millimeter frequencies and the sub-millimeter
 terahertz band, the only commercially untapped portion of the
 electro-magnetic spectrum. The company has engineered the world's first
 palm-sized terahertz signal source capable of broad application for
 operation in this coveted frequency range. Teraphysics is part of Genvac
 Holdings, a privately-held company.
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