Termite Damage Can Be Prevented

Feb 24, 1998, 00:00 ET from Terminix

    MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Termites, as small as they are,
 will damage more than three times as many homes in the United States as will
 be damaged by fire this year, costing $1.2 billion in repairs and treatments
 and affecting more than 1.5 million homes.
     In the spring, termite swarms are more common, increasing the evidence of
 infestation.  "Researchers have found that a large colony of termites can eat
 a pound or more of wood in a day," said John Chapman, a Terminix entomologist.
 "And because most wood in a home is hidden, termites are often hard at work
 without the homeowner's knowledge."
     Homeowners can now monitor swarm activity with a new internet tool -- the
 swarm map.  Updated weekly on the Terminix website ( www.terminix.com ), the
 map shows areas where swarms of termites have been reported by state and
 region, down to zip code level.
     To make homes less attractive to termite attack, Chapman has the following
     -- Make sure firewood and other wood debris are not stacked against the
     -- Grade the soil around the foundation so it carries water away from the
        house, because termites need moisture to survive.  Keep gutters and
        downspouts in good repair.
     -- Set any wooden posts, such as deck supports, on concrete pads, so they
        don't have direct contact with the ground.
     -- Use pressure-treated wood if wood will contact or come close to the
     -- Avoid having veneers and stucco extend below grade level.  Eight inches
        of clearance should be obtained.
     -- Contract with a termite control company for professional services when
        building a new home or addition to protect this significant investment.
     Homeowners can help prevent termite damage through annual inspections and
 timely professional treatment of possible infestation.  Advances in
 professional termite control now make it possible to eliminate entire colonies
 through a revolutionary bating technology --  the Sentricon(1) Termite Colony
 Elimination System.
     Terminix offers Sentricon as a three-step process to monitor homes and rid
 them of subterranean termites.  First, it monitors for evidence of termites in
 the soil around a structure.  If termites are discovered, the system uses the
 biology and natural behavior of termites along with a unique bait to eliminate
 the colony.  Bait is then removed and the system continues to monitor for new
 colonies that may invade the area.  Sentricon stations are installed in the
 ground around the outside of a home.
     Because Sentricon does not require drilling holes in interior floors or
 foundations or exterior patios and walkways, it is much less intrusive than
 traditional methods of termite control.  In addition, the active ingredient
 contained in the bait is used only when termites are present in the area,
 making it a targeted, low impact method of termite control.
     "With Sentricon, homeowners find real peace of mind knowing termite
 colonies have been eliminated and that ongoing inspections will protect their
 homes from new colonies which may attack the structure," said Chapman.
     Terminix, founded in 1927, operates 502 service centers in 44 states with
 locations in 12 foreign countries, as well.  The company offers one of the
 best termite guarantees in the industry.  For more information, call
     (1) Trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC

SOURCE Terminix