Tetra Pak(R) Donation Puts America's Second Harvest First

Innovative packaging caters to families in need

Jul 31, 2006, 01:00 ET from Tetra Pak

    VERNON HILLS, Ill., July 31 /PRNewswire/ -- The Second Harvest Food
 Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana has received 60,000 aseptic
 packages of chocolate milk on behalf of Tetra Pak(R) and their packaging
 customer, Gossner. The donation was coordinated through America's Second
 Harvest - The Nation's Food Bank Network. This donation is the second from
 the companies. An initial donation was made last fall.
     America's Second Harvest is the nation's largest charitable
 hunger-relief organization and, through their network of more than 200 food
 banks, distributes more than two billion pounds of food and grocery
 products to 25 million Americans in need each year.
     "This generous, and necessary donation could not have come at a better
 time," said Michael Halligan, Sr. Vice President of Food Sourcing and
 Logistics. "Nutritious shelf-stable products are sorely needed by hungry
 Americans throughout the year. Shelf-stable products are essential during a
 disaster response because those who are hungry may not have the means to
 refrigerate or prepare the food they need."
     Providing for thousands of people on a regular basis takes careful
 planning and preparation. Tetra Pak recognizes that unfortunately, most
 food and beverage products contain strict expiration dates because the
 packaging prohibits an extended shelf life. With milk packaged in aseptic
 packaging from Tetra Pak, Second Harvest can store the product much longer,
 ultimately assisting more families and eliminating potential waste once
 products can no longer be served.
     Aseptic technology keeps food safe, fresh and flavorful for at least
 six months -- without refrigeration or preservatives. In addition, the
 patented barrier technology protects delicate and natural flavors as well
 as seals in taste and nutrition. Tetra Pak's aseptic process is based on
 the principle of ensuring that both food and packaging materials are free
 of harmful bacteria at the moment the food is packaged.
     The packages also provide a better facing for storage purpose, giving
 Second Harvest the opportunity to shelve more product in a given area
 because it takes up to 30% less shelf space than a bottle or can.
     Aside from such innovative leaps in the industry, Tetra Pak remains
 committed to serving as a good corporate citizen. According to Jeff Kellar,
 vice president of strategic development at Tetra Pak, "This isn't about the
 latest technology, or best package design; it's about getting an essential
 food staple to people who need it most, and through the easiest means
     About Tetra Pak
     Tetra Pak's motto 'protects what's good' reflects the philosophy upon
 which we conduct our business in order to make food safe and available,
 everywhere. Operating in more than 165 markets with 20,900 employees, Tetra
 Pak believes in responsible industry leadership, creating profitable growth
 in harmony with good corporate citizenship and a sustainable approach to
 business. We work closely with our suppliers and customers on preferred
 processing and packaging solutions to provide convenient, innovative and
 environmentally sound products to millions of people worldwide.

SOURCE Tetra Pak