Texas Instruments and IIT Kharagpur to collaborate on breakthrough medical technology research

Research projects to lay the foundation for a new generation of cancer

diagnostics systems and health care monitoring

Apr 01, 2008, 01:00 ET from Texas Instruments Incorporated

    KOLKATA, India, April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments Incorporated
 (TI) (NYSE:   TXN) has signed a collaborative agreement with the School of
 Medical Science and Technology (SMST), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
 Kharagpur, to develop semiconductor technologies that will help improve the
 quality, comfort and accessibility of health care.
     This is the first time that TI has partnered with any IIT in India on
 research projects devoted to medical electronics innovation. The
 announcement was made here today by Dr. Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra, managing
 director, Texas Instruments India, and Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray, head -
 SMST, IIT Kharagpur.
     TI works with medical device customers across the globe to make quality
 health care more accessible to more people. In September 2007, the company
 announced that it would invest a total of $15 million to fund medical
 technology research at selected universities worldwide with a focus on
 quality, accessibility and affordability. TI's goal in supporting this
 research is to help develop new semiconductor technologies for personal
 medical devices, implantables, medical imaging, wireless healthcare systems
 and bio-sensor technology. The TI-IIT Kharagpur research collaboration is a
 part of this effort.
     The collaboration also reflects TI's commitment to engineering
 education and developing the next generation of innovators. The research
 projects TI is funding at IIT Kharagpur will be undertaken by students
 holding B. Tech, M. Tech, M. Stats or M. Sc (Physics or Mathematics)
 degrees with specializations in image processing, neural networks and
 pattern recognition, digital signal processor-based embedded system design,
 and MEMS-based bio-sensors. These students, to be selected by IIT
 Kharagpur, will register for a MS/PhD program under the TI-SMST Research
     "Together, TI and IIT Kharagpur have the opportunity to help improve
 the quality of life for millions of people around the world," said Mitra.
 "In India alone, about 800,000 patients undergo coronary bypass surgery
 every year; one in every 12 women develops breast cancer. Also, oral
 leukoplakia and oral sub-mucous fibrosis have been widely prevalent in
 India and a cause for concern to scientists in the country. The TI-IIT
 Kharagpur technology partnership will enable devices that could help
 address some of these pressing healthcare issues."
     Kent Novak, vice president and manager of TI's Medical and
 High-Reliability business unit said, "All of us at TI are excited about
 this partnership with IIT Kharagpur, which has the research capabilities,
 commitment, enthusiasm and insight to help us develop semiconductor
 technologies that will make a difference in the medical area. With our
 expertise in analog and digital signal processing and the university's
 research strength and ability to bring together and develop new ideas, this
 will be a powerful partnership."
     "The Advanced Technology Center in IIT Kharagpur is equipped with basic
 facilities and infrastructure for undertaking research projects in
 silicon-based microelectronics," said Ray. "We are excited about this
 association with TI, a company globally acknowledged for its strides in
 semiconductor research and development, and we are confident that this
 partnership is an important step toward developing solutions to help people
 with cancer and heart ailments in this country."
     About Texas Instruments:
     Texas Instruments (NYSE:   TXN) helps customers solve problems and
 develop new electronics that make the world smarter, healthier, safer,
 greener and more fun. A global semiconductor company, TI innovates through
 manufacturing, design and sales operations in more than 25 countries. For
 more information, go to http://www.ti.com.
     About SMST, IIT Kharagpur:
     The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, in the year of its
 Golden Jubilee, in 2001 established the School of Medical Science &
 Technology. This is the first and only school in India to train medical
 doctors in the field of technology.
     About IIT Kharagpur:
     The first Indian Institute of Technology was set up in May 1950 in
 Hijli, Kharagpur, in the eastern part of India. IIT Kharagpur started its
 journey in the old Hijli Detention Camp where freedom fighters toiled and
 sacrificed their lives for the independence of India.
     From this modest beginning, IIT Kharagpur has been engaged in a steady
 process of development with about 18 academic departments and five centers
 of excellence. The Institute's vast tree-laden campus, spreading over 2100
 acres, has a self-contained township of over 15,000 inhabitants. Currently
 the Institute has about 450 faculty members, 2200 employees and 2700
 students on the campus. The Institute offers courses in various faculties
 of engineering and is recognized as a premier technology school across the
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