The 2002 Women in Technology International Hall of Fame Inductees

WITI Will Honor Three Extraordinary Women in Technology,

Science and Business at the WITI Hall of Fame Awards Gala

Jun 10, 2002, 01:00 ET from Women in Technology International -- WITI

    LOS ANGELES, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Women in Technology International --
 WITI announces the 2002 Hall of Fame Inductees for the 7th annual WITI Hall of
 Fame Awards Gala on June 20th.  The ceremony will honor three extraordinary
 women for their accomplishments and contributions into the WITI Hall of Fame
 during an awards gala held at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  The elite
 class of inductees will take their places alongside the other 38 past
     WITI Hall of Fame recipients have become role models for women in
 technology -- including a group of six women who programmed the first
 computers during World War II.
     The WITI Hall of Fame was established in 1996 to recognize and honor the
 outstanding contributions women make to technology and science, which improve
 and advance our society.  WITI is proud to continue this tradition and promote
 role models, possibilities and opportunities for our daughters and generations
 to come.
     WITI is proud to announce the 2002 Hall of Fame honorees --
     Dr. Caroline Kovac, General Manager of Life Sciences, IBM
     Dr. Kovac is a visionary who heads IBM's move into the Life Sciences.  Her
 mission at IBM is the development of information technology tools that can
 turn raw data such as DNA sequences into useful information.  Vast quantities
 of data are created by ventures like human genome project and pharmaceutical
 development.  Dr Kovac is developing the tools at IBM to handle that data.
 Her organization spearheads the development of solutions for the life sciences
 market, including biotechnology, genomic, e-health, pharmaceutical and agri-
 science industries.  Dr. Kovac is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology,
 the Industrial Research Institute and is a member of the Visiting Committee
 for the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  She holds a PhD in
 Chemistry from the University of Southern California and a BA from Oberlin
     Dr. Elaine S. Oran, Sr. Scientist, Naval Research Lab
     Dr. Oran has been an engineering pioneer using computer numerical
 simulation for solving problems. Her focus is on fluid dynamics and reacting
 flows.  She has made fundamental advancements in combustion and propulsion,
 atmospheric physics, solar physics and astrophysics.  Dr. Oran has advanced
 both basic science and advanced engineering.  She has published over 300
 articles in a wide range of scientific journals, proceedings, and magazines.
 Currently she is working on simulating microfluids (the dynamics of flows in
 micro - and nanodevices), the physics of detonations and the physics of
 astrophysical supernovae.  As Sr. Scientist for Reactive Flow Physics at the
 US Naval Research Lab (NRL) she has led a team, which invented and implemented
 many of the individual algorithms and the modern computer methodology for
 accurate numerical simulation of reactive flows.  Dr. Oran has a BA in both
 Physics and Chemistry from Bryn Mawr College, an M.Ph from the Department of
 Physics at Yale University and a PhD from the Department of Engineering and
 Applied Sciences, Yale University.
     Judith Estrin, CEO, Packet Design
     Judy Estrin co-founded her fourth company, Packet Design, with her
 partner, Bill Carrico.  Packet Design's goal is to incubate new companies
 spun-off from research conducted internally.  Its first spin-off was Vernier
 Networks, which started up in 2001 to provide products that allow users to
 protect, manage and control wireless networks.
     Before Packet Design, Estrin co-founded three successful companies: Bridge
 Communication that went public in 1985 and merged with 3Com Corporation in
 1987; Network Computing Devices that went public in 1992 where she served as
 Executive Vice President and later became CEO in 1993; and finally, Precept
 Software where Estrin served as CEO from the company's 1995 founding till it
 was acquired by Cisco Systems, when she became Cisco's Chief Technology
 Officer (CTO).
     Estrin was twice name to Fortune Magazine's list of the 50 most powerful
 women in American Business.  She sits on the Board of Directors of Walt Disney
 Company, the Federal Express Corporation and Sun Microsystems.  Estrin holds a
 BS Degree in Math and Computer Science from UCLA and an MS in Electric
 Engineering from Stanford University.
     While each woman has vastly different background and experience, one
 thread they hold in common is the WITI standard for excellence, determination,
 perseverance and a sincere passion for their work.  Their wisdom,
 determination and bravery are of special significance this year, when stories
 of triumph and perseverance are needed more than ever in our country and
 especially in the technology sector.
     The Annual Hall of Fame Awards Gala concludes the WITI Smart Partnering
 Conference and Expo, which commences on June 18th.  The WITI Hall of Fame
 Awards Gala is Thursday, June 20, 2002 from 6:00pm - 10:00pm at the Santa
 Clara Convention Center, Exhibit Hall B.
     For more information about the WITI Conference, please visit the corporate
 web site at: /
     About WITI
     For over a decade, WITI has built a global and vital organization whose
 guiding principles are focused on successfully empowering women in technology
 with inspiration, education, conferences, on-line services, publications and
 an exceptional worldwide network of resources.
     In the last three years, WITI's constituency has expanded from women in
 technology to women who consider technology central to their businesses,
 careers and professions.  That said, WITI's recent expansion includes the
 development of web-based tools, products and services, innovative support to
 women entrepreneurs, early-stage ventures, education, technology centers, and
 media networks.
     For more information about how WITI is dedicated to advancing women
 through technology and how your company can be involved, please see WITI at: , call 1.888.437.7228 or contact the office of the CEO, Mariana
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