The Apache Directory Project Announces New LDAPv3-Certified Server

Pure-Java, Embeddable ApacheDS 1.0 Proves Stable, Performant, and Ready for

General Availability

Oct 10, 2006, 01:00 ET from The Apache Software Foundation

    AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Apache Directory, a top-level
 Project of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), today announced the
 release of ApacheDS 1.0, an embeddable LDAP server written in Java.
     Aiming to build an enterprise directory server platform, the Apache
 Directory Project created ApacheDS 1.0 as an LDAPv3 server with the ability
 to plug in other protocol modules. ApacheDS 1.0 contains other Internet
 protocol services such as DNS, DHCP, Change Password, and Kerberos, which
 store their records within a common store and allow access to that data
 through LDAP. ApacheDS 1.0 enables the pluggable services to back their
 data within the Apache Directory Server's backing stores without any
 network latency or going through the LDAP line protocol. External
 applications can access service data via LDAP for management.
     A significant release for the Apache Directory project, ApacheDS 1.0,
 passed intense testing and continued usage over several months, insuring
 that ApacheDS 1.0 is ready for general availability: the server has been
 proven to be stable, performant, and correct with respect to the LDAP
     In addition, ApacheDS 1.0 has recently been certified by the Open Group
 as a compliant LDAPv3 server -- one of only three LDAP servers that have
 been certified as conforming to the latest version of the Open Group
 product standard --
     "Thanks to the gracious contributions and support of the Open Group, we
 were able to freely certify ApacheDS 1.0 -- an achievement we are so very
 proud of, particularly since our team members are all volunteers," said
 Alex Karasulu, PMC Chair and V.P. of the Apache Directory project.
     According to Stefan Zoerner, the Apache Directory PMC member who
 spearheaded the certification process, "Open Group certification has given
 us the confidence that ApacheDS 1.0 complies with the LDAPv3 protocol. LDAP
 clients and therefore our users can expect the correct behavior. We're very
 glad to freely offer that to our user community."
     "LDAP is the accepted standard directory interface protocol, widely
 used by enterprises today. The release of ApacheDS 1.0 gives those
 enterprises an increased choice of LDAP implementations. Because it is
 certified under The Open Group's LDAP certified program, users have
 assurance that it truly conforms to the standard, and will therefore
 interoperate with other software," says Chris Harding, Director for SOA and
 Semantic Interoperability for the Open Group.
      Key Benefits
      ApacheDS 1.0 features include:
      * Fully functional LDAPv3 server
      * Fully functional Kerberos 5 server
      * Fully functional Change Password server
      * LDAPv3 Certified
      * Powerful access control subsystem which enables delegation
      * Special system partition for configuration
      * Pluggable partitions for different data stores
      * Pluggable interceptor mechanism for altering server behavior
      * Easily embeddable into applications using a special JNDI provider
      * Powered by MINA which can handle large amounts of concurrency
      * Supports the following Extended Operations and Controls:
          - Graceful Shutdown Extended Operation
          - Diagnostic Tools Extended Operation
          - LDAP Subentries Control
          - Persistent Search Control
          - ManageDsaIT Control
      * Supports the following RFCs: 1274, 1558, 1777, 1778, 1779, 2251, 2252,
        2253, 2254, 2255, 2256, 3377, 2247, 2307, 2377, 2713, 2714, 2798, 2820,
        2829, 2830, 2849, 3045, 3296, 3671, 3672, 3673, 3674, 4510, 4511, 4512,
        4513, 4514, 4515, 4516, 4517, 4518, 4519
     Get Involved!
     The Apache Directory team welcomes developer and user feedback to help
 improve the project and grow the community. Mailing list information is at
     About the Apache Directory Project
     Our primary vision is to build an enterprise directory server platform
 where other Internet services snap in to store their data within the
 directory so they may be managed using LDAP. Its architecture is designed
 so services other than LDAP such DNS, DHCP, SLP, Kerberos, and UDDI can be
 implemented and snapped in. These services will use a common networking
 layer (MINA) and each can be toggled on and off according to the needs of
 the environment.
     More information can be found at
     About the Apache Software Foundation
     The Apache Software Foundation provides organizational, legal, and
 infrastructure support for a broad range of Open Source software projects.
 The Foundation provides an established framework for intellectual property
 and financial contributions that simultaneously limits contributors'
 potential legal exposure. Through a collaborative and meritocratic
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