The Bottoms Up, LLC Introduces Hygienic Automatic Toilet Seat!

Founder and inventor appeals to all women, 'Help me, help you'!

Oct 27, 2006, 01:00 ET from The Bottoms Up, LLC

    POINT LOOKOUT, N.Y., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Bottoms Up, LLC today
 announced the introduction of their revolutionary hands-free toilet seat
 and the launch of their corporate website (
     This innovative and stylish new product eliminates the need to bend
 down and touch the toilet seat with your hands. Will Hussey, the inventor
 and company founder says, "Women have suffered with dirty and open toilet
 seats for long enough. We are really excited about how our product solves
 this timeless problem. Additionally, anyone that appreciates good hygiene
 will also have an interest in our seat."
     The company's web homepage features a real time video demonstration of
 their patent pending technology. "We have also set up a simple e-mail alert
 system for anyone that wants to know the day we are ready to ship,"
 comments Mr. Hussey.
     Mr. Hussey goes on to say, "Through our e-mail alert system, the women
 of the world can really change the fate of our company and the quality of
 their own lives. The sooner we see a certain level of interest through the
 alert system, the sooner we can ramp up high volume manufacturing. So, if
 you want this product, it is really important to let us know. Our motto is
 similar to Jerry Maguire's, help us, help you!"
     The Bottoms Up seat is specifically designed to replace an existing
 toilet seat by using the two bolt holes in the rear of the toilet. Recent
 advancements in micro-motor and battery technology enabled the company to
 create a low profile, stylish housing that fits on the rear of the toilet
 bowl just like any traditional toilet seat.
     In addition to the residential market, the company sees an opportunity
 for their product in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, airports and other
 high traffic public places. Mr. Hussey, founder of The Bottoms Up says,
 "The customer experience is receiving more and more focus in highly
 competitive industries like restaurants and hotels. Our seat creates a much
 more refined, almost futuristic bathroom experience."
     The Bottoms Up, LLC, is a closely held specialty products enterprise
 established to manufacture, sell and distribute hygienic toilet seats. The
 company's flagship product is their revolutionary automatic hands-free
 toilet seat. This patented pending technology enables the toilet seat to be
 raised and lowered without touching it.

SOURCE The Bottoms Up, LLC