The British are coming to Boston with U.S. launch of Social Publishing Platform Glipho

The British are coming stateside for the public launch of UK startup Glipho, a social publishing platform to liberate bloggers' content. Following Independence Day festivities, web writers will have reason to continue celebrations this month with access to the site's ready-made audiences - and potential job opportunities at the company's new office in downtown Boston.

Jul 16, 2013, 10:07 ET from Glipho

BOSTON, July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Straight from Canary Wharf in London, will launch in the U.S. market this month, and it's hiring for its first satellite office in downtown Boston. The platform, which combines a publishing system with a social environment, will give American writers access to new international audiences.


While most social publishing platforms like Twitter or Tumblr focus on micro-posts, Glipho has a 150-word minimum per post (or Gliph) to reward those with more than 140 characters to share. CEO Roger Planes explains, "This is a network for real writers, publishing quality content, who want to build their following. We've already seen an impressive volume of content from Americans, and we're excited to publicly launch in the U.S. market."

Glipho has already developed a large following, with the BBC and highlighting it as a leading social platform. The network has attracted users from more than 120 countries with intuitive interaction and tagging features that let writers focus on creating content, while Glipho handles optimization for search discovery, social sharing and audience building. (A full overview on how to use Glipho's features is available in the company's latest infographic.) The U.S. launch meets rising American interest.

New York City-based Glipho user Myrna Minx explains the network is unique in how it showcases quality writing. "I love the Trending Gliphers and Trending Gliphs sections," she said. She also appreciates Glipho's features that fuel search optimization. "I also love how you can follow a certain search term …"

Minx, a user of six months, currently has more than 460 followers, and Glipho's CEO is confident the network will help more American bloggers find their readers. "We're writer-focused first, and our platform will continue to evolve according to what benefits our users," said Planes.

Planes is also excited to open the company's Boston office and bring U.S. employees to the growing Glipho staff. "Most social networks trickle to the UK from America, and we're thrilled to welcome more U.S. users and our first international employees to Glipho," he said.

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