'The Champagne of Vodka' -- O2 Sparkling Vodka Writes a New Chapter

Apr 09, 2007, 01:00 ET from Admiral Imports

    CEDAR GROVE, N.J., April 9 /PRNewswire/ -- English Distillers has
 appointed Admiral Imports, Cedar Grove, New Jersey as the exclusive
 national importer for the U.S. for the most exciting new product to hit the
 Imported Vodka category. Russia, Poland, Sweden, Finland all claim it as
 their national drink. America uses it as their most requested cocktail. The
 Martini. Now an English vodka has reinvented Vodka and infused it with
 bubbles, like champagne to make it a "21st" Spirit. O2 Vodka is the world's
 first Sparkling Vodka and is produced by a special patented process.
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     Philip Maitland, an English inventor with a number of patents is the
 man behind the creation of O2. "Champagne is the number one toasting drink,
 Vodka the second. Being more of a Vodka drinker than a Champagne drinker, I
 wanted to combine the best of both and have a Sparkling Vodka." Maitland's
 great- great-grandfather left Russia to seek his fortune in England and his
 lasting legacy to his great grandson was that he inherit an appreciation of
 great Vodka and the love of invention.
     O2 Vodka is British, and whilst people think of other countries being
 more associated with Vodka than Britain, British Gin and Scottish Whisky
 (starts life as a pure spirit before aging in barrels) are world famous.
 Britain produces some of the finest Vodka in the world, which is soon to be
 recognized in its own right.
     It took two years of research and development to create Sparkling
 Vodka. The world's first and only sparkling vodka.
     The process combines 21st century technology and traditional
 craftsmanship. Batch produced in 100-year-old copper stills, the best
 English wheat and barley, and pure spring water, which is all filtered for
 perfect purity. Each batch is inspected and tested for taste and quality
 before being approved for bottling. The resulting Vodka is of exceptional
 quality and smoothness that gently sparkles on the tongue, lightens your
 mood and stirs the senses. It's sexy, sophisticated and creates a sense of
 fun, celebration and occasion.
     The bottles are of the finest heavy crystal glass to insure that
 nothing interacts with the special taste and quality of the Vodka O2. This
 vodka is available in two strengths and offers exceptional smoothness, 80
 proof and 94 proof. Philip Maitland formed International English Distillers
 Ltd. to produce the Vodka and has added a new chapter to the history of
 Vodka, making all other Vodkas seeming a little lacking.
     "If you are the best, you sparkle." Says Maitland.
     "When you see a product like 02 Imported Vodka come along with such an
 unique package and concept, you just have to stop and listen. That is what
 we did and that is why we are proud to add this unique product to the
 Admiral Imports portfolio", says Michael Zeiger, President of Admiral
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