The First Cosmetic Breakthrough for Serious Dark Circles ... Hylexin(TM)

Apr 25, 2005, 01:00 ET from Bremenn Research Labs

    SALT LAKE CITY, April 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Do you have serious dark circles
 ... not the kind that pop up in the morning and are gone by breakfast, but the
 serious dark circles that stay around forever ... then you want to hear about
 Hylexin(TM) -- the first formula specifically developed to address the
 underlying cause of serious dark circles.
     How big of a problem are dark circles?  In its first week at
 Bloomingdale's (they somehow snared the exclusive product debut), Hylexin
 shattered sales records.
     Why is Hylexin such an immediate success?  Because it's the first
 cosmeceutical to appeal equally to men and women: a simple fact that is making
 Hylexin's distributors, Bremenn Research Labs(TM), very happy.
     "We knew this formula worked and we understood that the female market was
 there," explained Gina Gay, spokesperson for Bremenn Research Labs.  "What
 really surprised us was Hylexin's appeal to men.  We didn't realize, nor did
 we count on the impact of the male market.  Consequently, Hylexin is in such
 short supply people are paying a premium to get their hands on it.  That's
 totally unexpected."
     The Science
     What actually causes dark circles?  According to many research
 dermatologists, dark circles are the result of the breakdown of hemoglobin in
 the capillary matrix around the eye.  These capillaries actually "leak" blood
 that begins to oxidize (a process called hemoglobin degradation) ... creating
 the dark pigmentation that looks distinctly like an ugly bruise.
     Hylexin's advanced formula helps break down the dark pigment ...
 "flushing" the discoloration and strengthening fragile capillaries.  The dark
 color starts to fade as Hylexin helps reduce inflammation.
     Hylexin's key compounds decrease capillary permeability, which minimizes
 the tendency of fragile capillaries to leak, and improves lymphatic
 circulation that reduces the appearance of puffiness that usually accompanies
 dark circles.  Skin-enhancing peptides help reinforce firmness and tone.
     In clinical trials, more than 72% of women who used Hylexin's key
 ingredients saw a clear, tangible reduction in the appearance and severity of
 their dark circles.  High-resolution photography of the under-eye area
 confirmed a significant reduction in the blue and violet color that makes dark
 eye circles so prominent and so unattractive.
     "Those of us with serious dark circles understand the frustration," said
 Ms Gay.  "Dark circles make us look old, tired and exhausted.  You might have
 flawless skin but what people see are the ugly dark circles -- or the cakey
 concealer we use to mask that bruised color.  With Hylexin, we finally have a
 product that helps reduce the appearance of serious dark circles and it isn't
 just another high-priced moisturizer or ineffective cover-up.  I guess that's
 why Hylexin is in so much demand.  It struck a nerve with the millions of
 American women and men who have serious dark circles and want a real
     Currently, Hylexin is available exclusively at Bloomingdale's.  Beginning
 May 23, Hylexin will be available nationwide at leading cosmetic retailers
 including Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora.  Hylexin retails for $95.00.

SOURCE Bremenn Research Labs