The Global Reach of BRS Parachute System Raises Save Total and International Expectations of Aviation Safety

3 European Chute Deployments Make Headlines Recently in Germany & Morocco

Save Total Soars to 176

Oct 18, 2004, 01:00 ET from Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc.

    ST. PAUL, Minn., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Ballistic Recovery
 Systems, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:   BRSI) ( ) has now
 been credited for saving the lives of 176 people from around the world. 3
 pilots and 2 passengers, involved in 3 separate deployments recently in Europe
 were today confirmed and announced by BRS.
     "The Global reach of our product is flattering but the results are not
 surprising," said Chairman of the Board Robert L. Nelson, adding that "we know
 our system works, and saving lives continues to be our most gratifying
     The recent International save incidents include: a German student pilot
 and instructor flying a FK12 Comet on October, 9th.  According to witnesses
 while maneuvering during training at 2000 feet, Pilot Heinz Soll was forced to
 pull the chute. Pilot and passenger landed safely in central Germany.
     A week earlier, on October 2nd, in rural, central Germany an improper
 propeller installed after maintenance on an Avid Flyer contributed to a
 problem shortly after take-off, prompting a Pilot's decision to deploy his BRS
 parachute. Pilot and passenger landed safely less than a half mile from the
 runway they departed.
     And in Morocco, near the village of Beni Aissi, Pilot Bernard Bessieres,
 flying a CTSW model of aircraft, encountered what he told authorities appeared
 to be a wake of turbulence from a larger airplane. The plane was slightly
 damaged by the encounter and during the attempted off field landing he stalled
 trying to avoid a canyon and deployed the parachute, safely landing in a rural
 field miles from any nearby homes. The Pilot hiked for more than an hour to
 the closest building to report the incident on August 25th.
     BRS (Ballistic Recovery Systems) is a South St. Paul, Minnesota based
 company that designs, manufactures and distributes whole aircraft emergency
 parachute systems for use on general aviation and recreational aircraft.
 Since the early 1980's, BRS has delivered over 19,000 parachute systems to
 aircraft owners around the world including over 1500 systems on the certified
 aircraft like the Cirrus Design aircraft manufactured in Duluth, Minnesota.
 Actual documented uses of these systems are credited with saving the lives of
 176 people.
     Last July, the FAA certified BRS parachute system for installation on
 Cessna 182 models of aircraft. And, in September, BRS was recognized as one of
 the fastest growing technology companies in Minnesota.

SOURCE Ballistic Recovery Systems, Inc.