The Internet Comes Full Circle: Collaboration Rules As New Business Models Emerge

Feb 02, 2001, 00:00 ET from Ramco Systems

    LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J., Feb. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Two years ago the Gartner
 Group identified a new form of e-business -- collaborative commerce -- which
 would emerge in the information technology (IT) world. Today, with dot-com
 failures on the rise and experts rethinking economic forecasts, "collaborative
 commerce" has quickly become much more than a simple business model for the
 new economy -- it's now a survival tactic.
     "e-Business will continue to evolve until all businesses are e-business.
 Only companies that learn to collaborate with partners, suppliers and
 customers will endure and prosper," said Lakshmi Narasimhan, president of
 Ramco Systems, a leading provider of enterprise application solutions and
 services for the collaborative commerce market worldwide.
     In the last 10 years alone, the Internet economy has grown from zero to
 over $100 billion. "As e-business traffic becomes heavier, more critical and
 more complex, partnerships and collaborations will make or break a company,"
 he continued.
     According to the Gartner Group, c-commerce systems will, in fact, become
 the predominant business-to-business application model by 2004. By allowing
 for a fluid interaction among personnel, partners, customers, and information
 systems on the Internet, businesses will enjoy lower interaction costs,
 improved quality of products/services and increased trading velocities.
     A key element of this business model is identifying and forging the right
 partnerships and deploying the right technologies to meet rapidly changing
 market demands. Increasingly companies will need to seek partners who can
 offer their customers the freedom to make quick business decisions without
 being hindered by technology barriers.
     One example of this is Model-e -- a Softbank funded startup in California
 -- which plans to utilize the internet to allow customers to design their own
 cars. In addition, Model-e will make use of a widely distributed network of
 small manufacturers to actually build custom cars from concept to delivery in
 about 90 days. Such are the possibilities of collaborative commerce through
 the internet.
     "Collaborative commerce is not only about enabling transactions -- it's
 about enabling relationships as well," reminded Narasimhan. To do this,
 businesses will need to improve everything they do, and anticipate their
 customers needs before they need them. "These imperatives, while simply
 stated, are enormously difficult to implement," said Narasimhan, "but they
 will be central to making enterprises work."
     "You might say that the Internet has come full circle," said Narasimhan.
 "Originally created by universities as a means of sharing research and data
 among colleagues, it quickly evolved into a cyber-playground for computer
 users worldwide. Now, once again the focus will be placed on the sharing of
     "We not only preach collaborative commerce to our customers -- we live it
 ourselves," said Narasimhan. "Ramco has built a vast network of best-in-class
 technology and solutions partners to deliver the most comprehensive and
 powerful solutions to our customers and introduce them to a whole new level of
 efficiency and value."
     Proof of Ramco's commitment to collaboration is their upcoming
 international series of events addressing the emerging market. The Ramco Value
 Net event will feature a keynote presentation by the Gartner Group and take
 place February 6 in New York's Crowne Plaza/Manhattan, February 8 at Boston's
 Hilton/Logan Airport, February 12 at Chicago's Westin/Michigan Avenue and
 February 14 at San Francisco's Marriot/Airport.
     For full program information and registration log on to or contact Ramco Systems via e-mail
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