The M.A.C. AIDS Fund Announces Record-Breaking Success of the VIVA GLAM Initiative and Unveil New Ad Campaign With Music Superstars Mary J. Blige and Lil' Kim

In Just Six Short Years, the M.A.C AIDS Fund Has Raised $19 Million Globally

to Help People Living with HIV and AIDS

Feb 12, 2001, 00:00 ET from M.A.C Cosmetics

    NEW YORK, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- International superstars Mary J. Blige
 and Lil' Kim known for success on the music charts have broken a new record by
 helping the M.A.C AIDS Fund raise $4 million for people affected by HIV and
 AIDS in just 12 months, pushing the total raised by the Fund since its
 inception to almost $20 million.  M.A.C Cosmetics, the professional makeup
 company known for breaking the rules, announced today the success of the
 company's VIVA GLAM III fundraising campaign, which was released in March of
 2000 and featured both Grammy Award-winning artist Mary J. Blige and rap
 superstar Lil' Kim in a sexy and irreverent ad shot by celebrity photographer
 David LaChapelle.
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     Following the sensational success of last year's initiative, M.A.C has
 resigned Mary and Lil' Kim to once again lend their strong voices and unique
 beauty to the M.A.C AIDS Fund initiative and unveiled a new "white-hot" ad
 campaign.  M.A.C, Mary and Lil' Kim have vowed to once again surpass all
 expectations. The new ad visual will be put on view in M.A.C store windows in
 New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco, South Beach, Houston, Denver,
 San Diego and Chicago in April.
     "We are excited that the VIVA GLAM campaign and the M.A.C AIDS Fund's
 mission connected with so many people around the world," said John Demsey,
 president of M.A.C.  "This success only strengthens our commitment to continue
 to help people affected by the AIDS crisis every day in every community."
     The M.A.C AIDS Fund has helped organizations make groundbreaking strides
 in the AIDS epidemic. Last year alone, the M.A.C donated a total of $750,000
 to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to raise awareness of the
 African epidemic and to help those living with the disease on the African
 continent.  In addition with this donation, M.A.C established the UNDP Working
 Group -- calling on dignitaries, diplomats, and corporations across the globe
 to build a coalition that draws attention to this devastating epidemic which
 threatens the economic and social fabrics of the entire planet.
     During her sold-out summer 2000 concert tour, Mary J. Blige donated more
 than $600,000 on behalf of the Fund to AIDS organizations in 10 U.S. cities
 and visited charities to personally give her support.  "AIDS has no prejudice
 and knows no boundaries," says Mary.  "I feel blessed that I can work with the
 M.A.C AIDS Fund to help those who are affected by the disease live long, full
 and productive lives like anyone else."
     Lil' Kim is equally excited to be involved with the Fund, commenting
 "There is hope for people affected by HIV and AIDS and that's what I am trying
 to give them by working with the M.A.C AIDS Fund."  Last year, Lil' Kim
 traveled the United States on a promotional tour on behalf of her new album
 and the M.A.C AIDS Fund, visiting M.A.C counters, interacting with fans and
 raising money and awareness for the M.A.C AIDS Fund.
     The M.A.C AIDS FUND was created in 1994.  To raise money to support the
 fund, a special lipstick was created: VIVA GLAM. The deep, neutral red
 lipstick promoted by performer RuPaul was an instant hit.
     Launched in 1997, VIVA GLAM II and its spokesperson k.d. lang proved to be
 another successful pairing.  VIVA GLAM III, a plum-brown shade, launched in
 March of 2000 by current spokeswomen Mary J. Blige and Lil' Kim, was estimated
 initially to raise $2 million in the first year for the Fund. Those
 expectations were highly exceeded and doubled - the initiative has raised over
 $4 million globally.  All proceeds from the sales of each $13.50 lipstick goes
 directly to the M.A.C AIDS Fund with the company's retail partners generously
 waiving all administrative costs so that sales benefit only those in need.
     Grammy award winner Mary J. Blige, known as the reigning Queen of hip-hop
 soul became an instant sensation with her 1992 debut album "What's the 411."
 Her latest album, 1999's MARY was one of the most critically acclaimed albums
 of the year, helping her to garner three Grammy nominations.  Lil' Kim rose to
 fame with her debut album "Hard Core." Her eagerly anticipated, platinum- plus
 selling, follow-up album "The NOTORIOUS K-I-M" was released in July 2000.
 M.A.C, an Estee Lauder company, has been a corporate leader in the fight to
 support people with AIDS since 1994.  Hoping to lead by example, M.A.C and the
 M.A.C AIDS Fund has raised more than $19 million to support over 300 agencies
 in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa that help people living
 with HIV and AIDS by supplying day to day essentials such as food, clothes,
 medicine, childcare and education.  For more information on the M.A.C AIDS
 Fund, log on to

SOURCE M.A.C Cosmetics