The Magni Group Announces Joint Agreement With Genthe -X- Coatings

Apr 28, 2004, 01:00 ET from The Magni Group

    BIRMINGHAM, Mich., April 28 /PRNewswire/ -- The Magni Group has announced
 a joint development agreement with Genthe -X- Coatings (GXC) a Germany-based
 company specializing in coatings for transparent materials.  Under the terms
 of the agreement, Magni and GXC will jointly market coatings for glass,
 polycarbonate and Plexiglas products.  The North American focus for this
 partnership includes automotive products such as lighting and non-automotive
 products such as optics and safety applications.
     Founded in 2000, Genthe -X- Coatings develops, manufactures and applies
 nano-coatings to optical substrates enabling transparency even under difficult
 conditions.  GXC coatings prevent fogging, hazing and scratching.  In
 addition, GXC coatings provide chip protection and help to keep dirt and other
 debris from adhering to the product.  GXC coatings are able to perform while
 keeping materials transparent.  They are the preferred supplier for anti-fog
 coatings on all glass headlamps.  GXC developed a cutting-edge coating for
 polycarbonate, which was introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2003.  This
 nanotechnology provides extreme performance with low film thickness and
 without detriment to lighting performance.  Their web address is .
     Founded in 1974, The Magni Group has customers on six continents. The
 company's primary business is extending the customer's product life by
 eliminating corrosion.  In addition to corrosion control, Magni coatings can
 be engineered to provide lubricity and conductivity, which can improve product
 performance.  Magni develops, manufactures, and applies protective coating
 systems for a wide variety of metal products.  Magni manufactures both solvent
 and waterborne liquid coatings used for rust prevention on metal surfaces.
 The primary market for Magni Group's products is the automobile industry.  In
 addition to selling coatings, the group also applies the coatings to
 automobile parts and fasteners.
     The Magni Group, Inc. is headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan.  There are
 two research and manufacturing sites known as Magni Industries, Inc. (Detroit,
 Michigan and Independence, Kentucky), and three metal finishing plants, Depor
 Industries, Inc. (Troy, Michigan), Anti-Friction Enterprises, Ltd. (Rexdale,
 Ontario, Canada) and SprayTek, Inc (Ferndale, Michigan).  Magni Europe, based
 in Saint-Ouen, France, includes a research and development facility, sales and
 marketing staffs and a manufacturing site in Schorndorf, Germany providing
 full service supplier capability for Magni products to the European market.
 Magni America do Sul Ltda., located in Campinas, Brazil, includes sales,
 administrative, distribution and a fully equipped test lab for technical
 support.  Their web address is .

SOURCE The Magni Group