The Makers of Glad(R) ForceFlex(R) Trash Bags and New Orleans Native and Football Star Eli Manning Tackled Trash Along Parade Route for a Cleaner, Safer Mardi Gras

The City of New Orleans Department of Sanitation and Katrina Krewe Volunteers

Joined the Team to Add New Dimension of Civic Responsibility to

Traditional Revelry

Feb 24, 2006, 00:00 ET from Glad Products Company

    NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Glad(R) ForceFlex(R), the official
 trash bag for New Orleans' Mardi Gras 2006, in partnership with New Orleans
 native and New York starting quarterback Eli Manning and local organizations,
 hosted the Glad ForceFlex Mardi Gras Clean-Up -- a major Uptown trash clearing
 effort to help the city prepare for a clean and safe Mardi Gras celebration.
     The clean-up event took place on Thursday, February 23, in preparation for
 Fat Tuesday and its preceding weekend -- historically, the time period that
 encompasses the largest parades of the celebrations.  With the help of the
 City of New Orleans Department of Sanitation and the Katrina Krewe, a
 grassroots volunteer group that has contributed to the city's recovery by
 conducting bi-weekly trash removals, The Glad Products Company also helped
 organize and donated supplies for a mass clean-up effort that will occur on
 Saturday, March 4, following the festivities.
     Additionally, Glad distributed its ForceFlex trash bags -- which feature a
 unique diamond texture that stretches around objects so they can be stuffed
 with all kinds of Mardi Gras trash and debris -- to festival-goers,
 encouraging them to do their part in keeping New Orleans clean.  Glad
 ForceFlex and Eli Manning also donated $10,000 to the Katrina Krewe in order
 to assist the non-profit organization in its efforts to support the city's
 revitalization efforts after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.
     "New Orleans is my heart and home," said Manning. "I'm proud to have
 worked with Glad to be a part of this hands-on effort that is helping to
 revitalize the tourism and culture of the city by supporting Mardi Gras."
     Last year, via The Clorox Company Foundation, more than 1.2 million Glad
 ForceFlex trash bags were donated for Hurricane Katrina clean-up efforts
 throughout the Gulf region. To continue its aid, Glad donated an additional
 150,000 ForceFlex trash bags to the city for pre- and post-Mardi Gras clean-up
 efforts. In addition to the donation of much-needed supplies, the company was
 among the first to sign on as a high-level sponsor of a Mardi Gras
 tourism-targeted advertising campaign, an effort conducted by city officials
 to help bolster economic development in New Orleans.
     "We are so grateful that Glad ForceFlex stepped in to help provide
 supplies and assistance for Mardi Gras and future clean-ups," said Becky
 Zaheri, founder of the Katrina Krewe. "Keeping the city clean and safe during
 Mardi Gras is crucial to welcoming visitors.  These resources have helped
 shine a spotlight on our mission, which will encourage many more volunteers to
 participate after the party is over."
     Glad ForceFlex Clean-Up Results
     The Glad ForceFlex Mardi Gras Clean-Up and Manning mobilized volunteers.
 In addition to the clean-up effort, Glad also worked closely with the City of
 New Orleans in the sanitation maintenance and clean-up efforts surrounding
 Mardi Gras festivities, which would otherwise have mounted a considerable
 expense for the municipality.
     "With hundreds of thousands of visitors expected to descend upon New
 Orleans to revel in Mardi Gras this year, the celebration continues to be an
 important component in the recovery of the city's tourism," said Veronica
 White, municipal sanitation director for the City of New Orleans Department of
 Sanitation, "The sponsorship of our tourism campaign, clean-up efforts
 organized and product donated by Glad provided much needed relief in keeping
 New Orleans as clean and safe as possible during Mardi Gras."
     For the first time ever, float riders in every single parade were provided
 with Glad ForceFlex trash bags to collect their own trash and make post-event
 efforts easier on the City.  In addition, The Glad Products Company encouraged
 visitors and locals to do their part in keeping Mardi Gras as clean and safe
 as possible, by passing out Glad ForceFlex trash bags to revelers at parades
 including three of the most popular and well-attended parades -- Endymion,
 Bacchus and Crescent City.
     For information on Glad ForceFlex trash bags, visit
     About The Glad Products Company
     The Glad Products Company is a subsidiary of The Clorox Company,
 headquartered in Oakland, Calif.  In addition to Glad(R) ForceFlex(R) trash
 bags, the Glad lineup of products in the United States and Canada includes
 freezer, food storage and sandwich bags; food wraps; outdoor, indoor and
 recycling disposal bags; and GladWare(R) containers and ovenware.  Glad
 products are developed and manufactured under a joint venture agreement
 between The Clorox Company, The Glad Products Company and The Procter & Gamble
     About the Katrina Krewe
     The Katrina Krewe is a volunteer co-op dedicated to cleaning litter and
 debris from the streets of New Orleans.  The Katrina Krewe has been successful
 in attracting hundreds of volunteers from all over the region and of every
 age, race, sex and profession to help with the twice-weekly clean-up efforts.
 With the ever-growing support and encouragement of the citizens of New
 Orleans, the Katrina Krewe has cleaned up neutral grounds, sidewalks, front
 yards, parking lots and even corner lots -- wherever there is a need.  For
 more information, visit
     About the City of New Orleans Department of Sanitation
     The City of New Orleans Department of Sanitation is responsible for
 city-wide clean up and sanitation management. Each year, hundreds of workers
 from the Department of Sanitation take to the streets of New Orleans to clean
 up during and after Mardi Gras. In addition to implementing a variety of
 public services from recycling programs and community clean-up events each
 year, the Department of Sanitation helped launch the "Imagine It Clean"
 Campaign in January 2004. The campaign is a five-year public service marketing
 initiative developed to shift the attitudes and behavior among New Orleans
 residents from the perception that trash and litter are not a concern to
 believing that trash and littering have a negative impact on the city and its
 residents. The initiative also hopes to challenge local businesses and
 community groups to get involved through clean-up events, educational
 programs, donations, or adopt-a-neighborhood opportunities.

SOURCE Glad Products Company