"The Melman Report" Features Silverado Gold Mines Ltd./Silverado Green Fuel Inc.

Apr 16, 2008, 01:00 ET from Silverado Green Fuel Inc.

    VANCOUVER, April 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Silverado Gold Mines Ltd.,
 and its wholly owned subsidiary, Silverado Green Fuel Inc., (Trading
 Symbols OTC BB : SLGLF, Frankfurt : SLGL) are most pleased to present the
 highlights of "The Melman Report", an independent, objective and expert,
 third party review of the company.
     A full version of this article can be viewed at
 http://www.silverado.com/pressroom/articles/16042008.htm .
     This preliminary article will be followed up with a more in-depth
 review by The Melman Report, in the near future.
     Silverado Gold Mines Ltd.
     "Silverado is a particularly intriguing company in the North American
 junior mining industry. What makes it unusual is that it has managed to
 endure throughout the past several decades despite the prolonged downturn
 in metals prices which lasted from late 1980 through 2002 - a period of
 more than twenty years."
     The Melman Report concluded that, "given typical market valuation of 10
 to 20 times earnings for mining shares", should Silverado succeed in its
 gold exploration, and subsequent production ("...which appears to be
 possible given their current placer operations, exploration work and
 reserves indicated in the Bundtzen Report..."), then "the shares would have
 the potential to move to the region of 40 cents to 80 cents ($0.40 - $0.80)
 - or a multiple of eight to sixteen times the current price."
     Silverado Green Fuel Inc.
     "In addition to its mining activities, Silverado is also involved in
 developing its subsidiary company, Silverado Green Fuel Inc.
 www.silveradogreenfuel.com The fuel is referred to as "Low-Rank Coal-Water
 Fuel" (or "Green Fuel") and is designed to be used in oil-designated
 boilers and advanced combustion and gasification systems. The economics of
 Green Fuel are intriguing because engineers estimate that it can be
 produced for a total cost of about US$20.00 per barrel, compared to the
 world market price for Crude Oil which is quoted at just above US$110 per
 barrel as of early April, 2008. Although it is difficult to place a
 valuation on the Green Fuel portion of Silverado's future, the economics of
 that venture could add substantially to their potential valuation."
     Leonard Melman, and 'The Melman Report'
     Leonard Melman is a leading metal exploration, mining and investment
 authority, and has been writing regarding precious and base metals for more
 than two decades as monthly columnist for California-based "ICMJ's
 Prospecting and Mining Journal" and Vancouver's "Resource World Magazine".
 Mr. Melman is a speaker at the prestigious Cambridge House Conferences, and
 has also contributed commentary and corporate studies to other publications
 including "Resource Stock Investor" and "World Mining Stocks" of London,
 England. He has visited and reported on mining operations on four
 continents and his articles appear on numerous mining websites. He is
 presently working on his first book "The Eight Pillars of Gold". Mr. Melman
 has gained valuable knowledge and experience in previous careers as manager
 of multi-million dollar consumer lending operations and as a securities and
 commodity broker.
     This material is taken from sources believed to be reliable and is
 provided for information purposes only. Any investment decision should be
 made only after prior consultation with investment professionals. Mr.
 Melman is a financial and political writer who focuses on issues relating
 to the resource sector.
     Contact Information - Silverado Gold Mines Ltd.
     Silverado is an international company focused on gold exploration, and
 a new environmentally friendly Fuel Technology. Silverado has gold
 properties located throughout Alaska which include the 100% owned Nolan
 Placer Gold Mine. Trading Symbols, OTC BB - SLGLF, FRANKFURT - SLGL
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