The Naked Truth: What America Does Behind the Shower Curtain

The Olay Shower Secrets Survey Uncovers America's Steamy Showering Habits and


Sep 27, 2005, 01:00 ET from P&G

    CINCINNATI, Sept. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- What do Americans do and
 want in the shower?  Olay recently conducted a national survey to reveal the
 steamy showering secrets, preferences and habits of men and women.  The survey
 found that the sexes have some very different opinions when it comes to
     The Olay Shower Secrets Survey results suggest women are more likely to
 view showers as a destination where they can escape, take their time and think
 without interruptions, while men view showers as just another part of their
 daily routine.
     Survey results also send stereotypes about gender preferences down the
 drain.  For instance, women are generally considered the more romantic gender,
 but the survey found that men are more likely than women to prefer to shower
 with a partner.
     Olay Shower Secrets Survey findings include:
     Angelina vs. Aniston: Most American Men Would Prefer Jolie in the Shower
       -- When asked which celebrity would be most fun in the shower, among
          those men who answered, most (38%) chose Angelina Jolie. 23% opted
          for Halle Berry, and 16% said Jennifer Aniston.
       -- Of those women who named a celebrity, 31% selected George Clooney.
          Brad Pitt came in second with 23% of votes, and Tom Cruise closely
          followed with 20%.
     The Shower: Room for Two?
       -- Two in three Americans have showered with another, but more men (63%)
          than women (52%) report having showered with another person "for
     Marathon Showers: The Survey Finds Most Americans' Longest Shower Ever Was
      26 Minutes Long!
       -- The majority of both women and men said the reason for their longest
          shower was "because it just felt so good," or it was out of
          necessity -- they were tired, hurt or ill.
       -- More women said their longest shower was an attempt to get some
          privacy, while more men admitted their longest shower was due to a
          romantic encounter.
     Are Women Cleaner? Or Are Men Just Faster?
       -- Women prefer to take their time in the shower, spending more than 10
          minutes, while men are in and out in 10 minutes or less.
       -- Since women spend so much more time in the shower, they need a
          moisturizer that works in the shower to condition skin during optimal
          conditions -- when skin is warm and wet.   A recent study found that
          Olay Body Wash and Moisturinse In-Shower Body Lotion with Silkening
          Moisturizers used together gives women 65% silkier-looking skin*
          straight from the shower.
     Dirty Thoughts While Getting Clean
       -- Men split their time daydreaming about sex (57%) and thinking about
          work (57%).
       -- While women spend more time in the shower, they are not necessarily
          relaxing. When asked what they think while showering, women named
          weight and fitness (54%) and household chores (55%.)
     The movie "Psycho" may have caused people to avoid showers, but it was
 most often named as American's favorite shower scene "Psycho" (21%) edged out
 other film favorites including "Fatal Attraction" (14%.)
     Dr. Debbie Magids, a New York-based psychologist who specializes in
 interpersonal relationships and personal self-awareness offers her
 interpretation of the Olay Shower Secrets Survey Results:
     Why do women tend to take longer showers than men?
     -- "Taking a shower is a legitimate excuse for women to be alone, to check
        out and not be held accountable," says Dr. Magids.  "Generally
        speaking, women do not take care of their own needs as well as men do.
        They tend to play the caretaker role, being there for everyone else
        but themselves, and they have a lot on their minds, based on this
     -- "Men shower when they need to and stay only as long as necessary,
        because they find other times to take care of themselves," says Dr.
        Magids.  "In addition, men's esteem is highly defined by their
        profession and how much sex they're having, so it makes sense they
        fantasize about both in the shower."
     Why were Angelina Jolie and George Clooney selected as the celebrities
 most Americans would like to shower with?
     -- "Men's fantasy woman is one who looks hot and exudes sexuality," says
        Dr. Magids.  "That's Angelina. Halle and Jennifer are beautiful, too,
        but do not scream sex in how they dress and carry themselves."
     -- "Women, however, love a man's man, and that's George Clooney," says Dr.
        Magids.  "He is not only handsome and sexy, but seems to be charming
        and funny. And, as with all men's men, he's protective. Feeling
        protected and able to trust someone else to take charge is a turn-on
        for many women."
     Why are men more likely than women to prefer to shower with someone else?
     -- "Men are more visual when it comes to attraction," says Dr. Magids.
        "They love to see a woman naked. And they are usually not as self-
        conscious about their bodies as women. Women like to camouflage and
        hide their perceived flaws."
     To learn more about the results of the Olay Shower Secrets survey and Olay
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     The national telephone survey was conducted July 29-31, 2005, by Roper
 Public Affairs & Media, with a sample of 1,000 adults ages 18 and over.
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