The Nanotech Company Releases First Nanotechnology White Paper for Journalists and the Media

The Report '7 Things to Know and 7 Things to Ask About Nanotechnology' Offers

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Apr 14, 2005, 01:00 ET from Nanotech Company, LLC

    SAN DIEGO, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The Nanotech Company, a leading
 nanotech advisor, released the first nanotechnology white paper for
 journalists, reviewers, interviewers and researchers in television, radio,
 internet and print medias, available free of charge at .
     The report covers the inside stories of "grey goo," why "properties" count
 more than size, MEMs, telling hype from science, and critical keys that
 members of the media should know before beginning on nanotechnology topics.
     Darrell Brookstein, author of "The Best of the NanoWeek" and the first
 book on nanotechnology investing, "Nanotech Fortunes," said, "There is a real
 need to provide non-scientist media members an easy-to-understand, solid basis
 for approaching nanotech, nano-companies and interviews with the influencers
 in labs, in government, finance or industry. This short paper sets the record
 straight, without hype, and allows the media-member to start from a more
 sophisticated baseline. Everyone interested in nanotech would benefit from it.
 It was written mainly by our senior director, Nathan Tinker, who was a founder
 of the NanoBusiness Alliance, which was instrumental in getting presidents
 Clinton and Bush on board with the National Nanotech Initiative."
     The Nanotech Company
     The Nanotech Company, LLC is the leading, independent advisory firm that
 assists emerging small tech companies to achieve their corporate development
 goals by accessing its significant scientific, corporate development, and
 financial advisory resources. Managing Director, Darrell Brookstein, a 30 year
 financial executive, and Erkki Ruoslahti, M.D., Ph.D., a Distinguished
 Professor and bionanoscientist, have assembled an eminent team of award
 winning nanoscientists, professional services specialists, and
 corporate/financial development experts to enhance and accelerate the
 intelligent growth of private and public small tech companies.
     The company publishes a free weekly e-digest of international nanotech and
 small technology news, "The Best of the NanoWeek," for scientists, executives
 and nanotechnology investors, as well as "Nanotech Fortunes:  Make Yours in
 the Boom; Winning Strategies" which will be released in May 2005. To request a
 copy of the white paper, visit or send an email
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