The New York Stem Cell Foundation Joins All New Yorkers in Welcoming Governor David Paterson

Mar 17, 2008, 01:00 ET from The New York Stem Cell Foundation

    NEW YORK, March 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Susan L. Solomon, Chief
 Executive Officer of The New York Stem Cell Foundation, today released a
 brief statement regarding the appointment of David A. Paterson as Governor
 of the State of New York:
     "As head of The New York Stem Cell Foundation, I have had the distinct
 privilege of working closely with Governor Paterson and his staff over the
 past three years. Governor Paterson has been a long-term champion of stem
 cell research. His foresight and passion in establishing the Empire State
 Stem Cell Board has positioned New York State as the national leader in
 stem cell research, offering hope to the millions who suffer from
 debilitating illnesses and chronic diseases.
     "It has been inspiring to watch the Governor apply the political
 expertise he demonstrated while he was Senate Minority Leader to bring to
 fruition his vision for a $600 million cutting-edge scientific research
 initiative for the state. It is a testament to Governor Paterson's
 leadership that funds from last spring's stem cell initiative are already
 in the hands of New York State researchers. New York now has the capacity
 to attract the best scientific minds and there is renewed promise of
 breakthrough research to help our citizens.
     "We wish Governor David Paterson and his staff well and know that they
 have the experience and commitment needed to run the great state of New
 York and lead it into the future."
     About The New York Stem Cell Foundation
     Founded in 2005, The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) is a
 privately funded organization dedicated to furthering human embryonic stem
 cell research to advance the search for cures of the major diseases of our
 time. The Foundation opened the first privately funded human embryonic stem
 cell laboratory in New York in March 2006 to serve as a "safe haven" where
 scientists from academic medical centers in the New York area and
 throughout the East Coast can conduct advanced human embryonic stem cell
 research free of the federal restrictions that limit the scope of
 government-supported work. The organization's mission is to support
 scientists engaged in human embryonic stem cell (hESC) research and somatic
 cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), through grants, fellowships and symposia; to
 educate the public about the importance and potential benefits of hESC
 research and SCNT; and to establish new collaborative, state-of-the-art
 research facilities supported entirely with private funds and directly
 focused on curing disease.

SOURCE The New York Stem Cell Foundation