The Producers of Lucid Absinthe Superieure Introduce Two Famous Genuine Absinthes to the U.S. Market

Viridian Spirits Extends Its Leadership in the Absinthe Category It Created

Jun 23, 2008, 01:00 ET from Viridian Spirits LLC

    NEW YORK, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- This fall, Viridian Spirits LLC,
 brand owners of Lucid Absinthe Superieure, will expand its absinthe
 portfolio with the introduction of La Clandestine Absinthe Superieure and
 Jade Liqueur's Nouvelle-Orleans Absinthe Superieure to the U.S. market.
 These two genuine absinthes are already well established internationally as
 being among the finest authentic absinthes in the world. The first comes
 straight from Couvet, Switzerland, in the Val-de-travers, the birthplace of
 absinthe in the 18th century, while the second, part of T.A. Breaux's elite
 line of Jade Absinthes, pays homage to his hometown and the historical
 epicenter of absinthe culture in this country, New Orleans.
     In March of 2007, Viridian Spirits successfully negotiated for the
 return of genuine absinthe to the United States when it received approval
 to launch Lucid. When launched, Lucid Absinthe Superieure became the first
 genuine absinthe made with Grande Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) to be
 legally available in the United States in 95 years. Lucid is crafted
 exactly the same way absinthe was made 100 years ago and is authentic in
 every detail, including the use of a full, historically accurate measure of
 Grande Wormwood. Due to the increasing popularity of Lucid throughout the
 country and its nationwide distribution, it was inevitable for Viridian
 Spirits to further develop its absinthe portfolio.
     "Over the past year we've witnessed the reemergence of absinthe in the
 U.S., beginning with the introduction of Lucid," said Jared Gurfein,
 President of Viridian Spirits LLC. "Now, after witnessing the explosive
 interest in and popularity of Lucid, we are taking two of the most esteemed
 international absinthes and bringing them to this market."
     The only absinthe distilled in Couvet, Switzerland, La Clandestine,
 hand crafted by Claude-Alain Bugnon, has been a favorite of both absinthe
 professionals and absinthe lovers for some time. A colorless absinthe in
 the Swiss 'La Bleue' style, it is based on a 1935 absinthe recipe that was
 handed to Claude-Alain's family by a close family friend. La Clandestine
 takes its name from the way it was sold as an "underground" brand for
 several years during the era of absinthe prohibition. It has repeatedly
 reaped awards and accolades and is considered by many to be the finest
 Swiss, La Bleue style absinthe available in the world. Claude-Alain is a
 three times winner of the golden spoon at the Pontarlier Absinthiades.
     Nouvelle-Orleans Absinthe Superieure, one of the famous Jade Liqueurs
 absinthes, is the creation of renowned absinthe expert, T. A. Breaux, and
 is a traditional green Absinthe Verte produced in Saumur, France. The
 incomparable flavor of Nouvelle-Orleans is derived from a full compliment
 of Grande Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), and additional select European
 botanicals traditionally used in crafting a genuine Belle �poque absinthe.
 Having won numerous international awards and worldwide acclaim since its
 original release in 2004, Nouvelle-Orleans will soon be available to U.S.
 connoisseurs for the first time. Like all traditional, authentic absinthes,
 including Lucid, neither La Clandestine nor Nouvelle-Orleans contains
 artificial coloring agents and both are distilled only from the highest
 quality select whole herbs, and never from extracts or oils.
     Both La Clandestine and Nouvelle Orleans will be available at select
 restaurants, bars and liquor stores nationwide beginning this fall. The
 suggested retail price for a 750ml bottle of La Clandestine is $79.99,
 while the suggested price of a 750ml bottle of Nouvelle Orleans is $110.00.
 Viridian also sells classic absinthe accessories such as fountains, glasses
 and absinthe spoons. For more information, please visit
 For more information about the new brands, please visit
     About Viridian Spirits LLC
     Viridian Spirits LLC is an entrepreneurial spirits company which was
 formed for the purpose of creating and importing genuine Absinthe into the
 United States. Viridian was founded by corporate attorney Jared Gurfein
 (formerly with Skadden Arps and NTL Incorporated/Virgin Media) with
 founding partners Jonathan Bonchick (formerly with Brown-Forman and
 currently with Duty Free Americas) and Eddie Soleymani and Leon Redensky
 (co-founders and Managing Directors of Lynx Capital Partners, LLC, an
 equity trading firm). Viridian also includes partners Simon, Jerome and
 Leon Falic (whose major holdings include Duty Free Americas and luxury
 brands such as Christian Lacroix, Hard Candy, Urban Decay and the license
 to manufacture Perry Ellis fragrances and cosmetics).

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