The SSI Group, Inc. Receives EHNAC Certification

Jan 27, 2005, 00:00 ET from The SSI Group, Inc.

    MOBILE, Ala., Jan. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The SSI Group, Inc. (SSI), a leading
 provider of EDI revenue cycle management software for the healthcare industry,
 has received full accreditation by the Electronic Healthcare Network
 Accreditation Commission (EHNAC).
     "EHNAC certification reinforces the dedication to quality SSI strives for
 in its daily operations," said SSI President and CEO Bobby Smith.
 "Historically, our clearinghouse operations have afforded our customers with
 consistent high-level performance and service. To have our operations
 validated by such a well-respected organization like EHNAC gives our customers
 further evidence of our commitment to excellence."
     Lee Barrett, executive director of EHNAC, said of SSI, "Today SSI joins a
 select group of clearinghouses that have demonstrated to independent third-
 party evaluators their ability to deliver their services consistent with the
 only standards in the industry that measure the overall business practices of
 a clearinghouse."
     "ClickON is the technology behind SSI's revenue cycle software and has
 proven to be successful in any healthcare facility because of its scalability
 and functionality," said SSI President and CEO Bobby Smith. "EHNAC
 certification supports SSI's mission of providing reliable, easy-to-use
 software products and services that empower our clients to more effectively
 manage and control fiscal operations."
     Automating the entire revenue cycle, ClickON technology enables processing
 tasks to be accomplished in less time by fewer people. Benefits derived from
 this seamless integration include eliminating the reformatting of electronic
 data, reducing redundant data entry and increasing data validation and
 reporting. SSI also offers an extensive payer offering with more than 800
 available payers.
     About EHNAC
     EHNAC is an independent, not-for-profit accrediting agency that provides
 independent peer evaluation of an organization's ability to perform at
 industry-established levels.
     EHNAC's function is to promote administrative simplification and cost
 savings in the healthcare industry and to provide the healthcare transaction
 industry with an independent capability to develop industry standards, known
 as EHNAC Criteria.  The mission of EHNAC is to promote standards, quality
 service, innovation, cooperation and open competition within the healthcare
 EDI industry:
     * Establishes minimum criteria for industry self-regulation.
     * Encourages firms in the industry to improve performance.
     * Facilitates open market access and competition ("open access" referring
 to acceptance of transactions from any source or routing).
     * Fosters consistency in transmitted information.
     * Enhances customer service and satisfaction ("Customers" include
 providers, payers, intermediaries and third parties).
     The EHNAC Commission seeks to accredit entities that send or receive HIPAA
 regulated transactions, or that transport or process EDI transactions between
 two or more trading partners in the healthcare community.  These entities
 include, but are not limited to, clearinghouses, transactions processors,
 value-added networks (VANs), payers, providers and provider management
     About The SSI Group, Inc.
     The SSI Group, Inc. is a national, diversified information technology
 company established in 1988. The company maintains corporate headquarters in
 Mobile, Ala., and branch facilities in Clearwater, Fla.; Dallas, Texas;
 Denver, Colo.; and Chesapeake, Va. The company has approximately 355 employees
 and 1500-plus clients nationwide. SSI leads the healthcare field in claims
 management technology, EDI platforms and networking. ClickON technology has
 167,000 built-in edits, HIPAA-certified transactions from Claredi and
 connections with over 800 payers. As a testament to that leadership, the
 company annually processes nearly 69 million transactions totaling in excess
 of $108 billion in healthcare claims through the SSI clearinghouse service
 alone. It is estimated more than twice that amount is sent directly to payers
 by providers using SSI product technology.
     The company offers a wide range of provider/payer/physician services and
 technologies for managing the revenue cycle -- claims processing
 (ASP/Direct/Clearinghouse), document management and business office
 outsourcing for paper claims.

SOURCE The SSI Group, Inc.