The Travel Channel Announces its Popular WORLD POKER TOUR Series Will Offer Two New Specials to Cap its Amazing First Season

The Network Offers Three Additional Hours of Poker Programming,

Including an Hour-long Special Hosted by Lou Diamond Phillips

Jun 09, 2003, 01:00 ET from Travel Channel

    SILVER SPRING, Md., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- How do you celebrate the
 successful first season of a television show?  By giving viewers two new
 specials.  The WORLD POKER TOUR series, which airs on the Travel Channel every
 Wednesday from 9-11 PM ET/PT, announced today it would air two new programs
 before the first season culminates with the World Poker Tour Championship on
 June 25.  The two new specials air Sunday, June 22 from 8-11 PM ET/PT, and
 include the one-hour, The World Poker Tour: A Poker Primer (8-9 PM ET), hosted
 by actor and poker player Lou Diamond Phillips, and the two-hour, The World
 Poker Tour: Road to the Championship, (9-11 PM ET/PT).
     In World Poker Tour: A Poker Primer, Phillips introduces the show and
 guides viewers on a proverbial Poker 101.  Viewers get the ultimate lowdown on
 the hottest game in town, from vocabulary and strategy, to bluffing and
 betting-to-win at no-limit Texas Hold 'Em -- widely heralded as the
 Cadillac(TM) of tournament poker, and the game featured in the WORLD POKER
 TOUR series.  It's the viewers' chance to get the inside scoop -- whether
 their aspirations are a weekly poker game in the living room, or trying their
 hand on the professional poker circuit.
     "Poker is the definitive test of a person's nerve," said Phillips.  "It's
 exciting, it reveals a lot about how each of us performs under pressure.  At
 the level of the WPT pros, the stakes are huge.  But whether you're playing
 for fun or playing for cold hard cash, there's plenty to learn from World
 Poker Tour: A Poker Primer."
     The second special, The World Poker Tour: Road to the Championship, is a
 whirlwind recap of a season of poker action featuring the best plays, the
 greatest bluffs and the toughest breaks -- everything from the incomparable
 rush of victory to the gut-wrenching agony of defeat.  The Road to the
 Championship features ten million dollars in prize money won on the tour in
 some of the most dazzling locations around the world.  Viewers get a sneak
 preview of who to watch in the upcoming World Poker Tour Championship and why
 they're favorites to capture a piece of the more than $2.6 million overall
 prize pool.
     An instant hit, the 13-week WORLD POKER TOUR series has been a ratings
 success for the Travel Channel, quickly becoming the highest-rated programming
 on the network in 2003.  The series combines the best of sports television
 with the compelling theater of reality TV shows.  Who will bluff their way to
 the top?  Who will cash in all his -- or her -- chips on one last big hand?
 Expert analysis, varying camera angles -- including close-ups of the players'
 hole cards -- bring viewers into the action like no other televised poker in
 history.   The show continues to capture new fans, as well as to captivate
 many of the nation's 50 million poker enthusiasts.  Poker has suddenly become
 the "hot new trend," and the WORLD POKER TOUR is riding the cresting wave of
 this pop culture phenomenon.  Besides Lou Diamond Phillips, Hollywood's hip
 poker players include Norm MacDonald, Don Cheadle and Meatloaf to name a few.
     The WORLD POKER TOUR is a joint venture between Steven Lipscomb and Lakes
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 Channel.  Visit WORLD POKER TOUR on the Web at
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