The Truth About Dead Sea Salt: Check Out the Source, Advises SaltWorks(TM), Inc.

Mar 31, 2005, 00:00 ET from SaltWorks, Inc.

    REDMOND, Wash., March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Dead Sea salt has become one of
 the most popular spa and beauty products on the market, with consumers
 regularly creating spa experiences in their own bathtubs.  But, says Mark
 Zoske, Founder and President of leading sea salt retailer SaltWorks, Inc.,
 many consumers are unwittingly paying top dollar for nothing more than
 ordinary table salt.
     "Dead Sea salt is unique in that it is very low in sodium and contains a
 highly concentrated combination of naturally occurring minerals and skin
 softeners that is unparalleled in any other bath salt," Zoske explained.
 "But, unfortunately, some companies are selling fake Dead Sea salt or Dead Sea
 salt that has been refined to the point of becoming pure sodium chloride.
 Therapeutic Dead Sea salt is not what we typically think of as 'salt.'  The
 real thing is not edible and actually tastes very bitter.  A good test for
 consumers is to taste their Dead Sea salt.  If it tastes like table salt, then
 it probably is."
     So how can consumers avoid overpaying for a bath full of table salt?
 First, stick to proven products, says Zoske.  Imported by SaltWorks directly
 from the Dead Sea in Israel, Bokek(TM) is perhaps the most trusted brand of
 Dead Sea salt available today.  Research has proven the efficiency of Dead Sea
 bath salts in alleviating symptoms of skin diseases like psoriasis.  Anecdotal
 evidence also shows Bokek salt to be highly beneficial for relieving muscle
 tension and stress.
     "At SaltWorks, we have long believed in the power of Dead Sea salt baths,"
 said Zoske.  "We recommend bathing in Bokek Dead Sea salt as one of the
 primary ways of relaxing, detoxifying, and soothing a variety of ailments.
 Used on a regular basis, Bokek Dead Sea salts promote good health with as
 little as two handfuls in the bathtub."
     Another way consumers can ensure they're really getting Dead Sea salt is
 to buy from established, reputable companies that list the source of their
 salts.  SaltWorks, for example, sells only certified authentic sea salts.
     "Whether someone is making scented bath salts or simply pouring Bokek
 right into the tub, there is no finer salt available on the market," said
 Zoske.  "There simply is no substitute for proven quality."
     About SaltWorks, Inc.
     Founded in 2001, SaltWorks supplies premium-grade salts to the wholesale,
 retail, and consumer markets throughout North America.  SaltWorks customers
 range from individuals that order by the pound to manufacturers, restaurants,
 food co-ops, and health food stores that order by the truckload.  The
 Seattle-area company maintains a strong commitment to providing the cleanest,
 most natural products possible.
     Mark Zoske
     SaltWorks, Inc.
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