The US Rainbow Sash Movement (Lesbian/Gay Catholics) Condemns the Violence That is Being Promoted Against Lesbian and Gay People in Both Russia and Poland

May 28, 2006, 01:00 ET from Rainbow Sash Movement

    CHICAGO, May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Today the Eastern Church and Western
 Church have failed to uphold the Gospel call of Jesus Christ by promoting
 violence against Gay/Lesbian people. In Catholic Poland we are witnessing
 the same views and behaviors that promoted anti-Semitism, only now it is
 being promoted against Gay and Lesbian People. Gay and Lesbian People are
 being bullied and attacked in the streets. In Moscow the circus of Orthodox
 religious leaders promoting violence against Gays and Lesbians reminds us
 also of the dark days of anti-Semitic behavior of hate. Lesbians and Gays
 wish to have a Gay Pride Parade in Moscow, why the violence over this?
     Both religious communities inhabit different moral universes, avoiding
 the challenge of understanding and communicating with Gay and Lesbians.
 Both Catholic and Orthodox leadership's mindsets are unthinking prejudice,
 or a rationalization for the desire to control others. They operate out of
 fear and a theology of lies.
     We are calling on the World Council of Churches to raise their voice in
 the protection of innocent gay and lesbian lives. You can no longer sit on
 the fence; either you support the gospel call to respect all life with
 dignity and love, or you do not.
     Gay and Lesbian Catholics now understand how hallow are the words of
 the Vatican that all Gay and Lesbian Catholics must be treated with dignity
 and respect, because of their silence on this matter. We call on our
 brothers and sisters in both Russia and Poland to protect their lives, and
 be safe. Yours and ours is a just cause. We will hold you in our hearts as
 we enter Catholic Cathedrals on Pentecost Sunday across the United States.
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SOURCE Rainbow Sash Movement