The Yankee Group Says Companies Are Focusing on Mechanical Side of Net-Selling, and Missing Chances to Influence the Customer

New Research Identifies Seven Categories for Successful Selling in a

Multichannel World

Aug 15, 2000, 01:00 ET from Yankee Group

    BOSTON, Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Yankee Group has introduced new
 research that indicates companies lavish far too much attention on the
 mechanical side of selling - processing the transaction - to the detriment of
 where the sale is really created: influencing the customer.  The study,
 "Taxonomy of Selling in a Multichannel World," underscores that the roadmap
 for successful selling is to create an optimal balance of online and offline
 selling strategies.  Consequently, selling on the Internet must integrate and
 enhance traditional sales channels.
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     There are a variety of solutions available that address selling - from
 traditional CRM solutions that include sales force automation functionality,
 to self-service, sell-side solutions on the Internet.  As a result, The Yankee
 Group has identified seven software categories that are necessary to
 successfully sell in a multichannel world.  These categories not only help
 companies transact on the Internet, but also illustrate how to influence and
 guide the potential customer, partner, or salesperson in a virtual and
 traditional environment.
     Companies Devote Too Much Attention to Mechanical Side of Selling on the
     "The fading allure of pure dot-com business models has made clear that,
 for most companies at least, multichannel solutions are most appropriate.  In
 other words, selling on the Internet must also integrate and enhance the more
 traditional selling channels as well," said Chris Selland, vice president for
 The Yankee Group's Customer Relationship Management Strategies and E-Sourcing
 Strategies Planning Services.  "Also, the increased power of the customer and
 the availability of alternatives makes influencing the customer equally, if
 not more, important."
     The Internet has enabled a whole new generation of software that is now at
 the core of successful selling and extends collaboration beyond company
 boundaries.  However, choosing the right combination of best-of-breed software
 or suites is still a daunting task for all businesses.  Yet, in order to
 create an effective e-commerce channel for selling complex products and
 services along with automating the multifaceted selling activities within
 traditional direct and indirect selling channels, a company will need a
 combination of technologies.
     "The emerging opportunity we see is the need for a unified platform for
 the entire range of selling processes across all selling channels to provide a
 complete view of the customer's behavior and transaction patterns," said
 Sheryl Kingstone, program manager of The Yankee Group's Customer Relationship
 Management Strategies Planning Service.  "The problem today is that no single
 vendor provides either the full range of application or platform capabilities
 to build such a system."
     The Yankee Group will discuss the new research regarding how to bring
 solutions together to create a successful multichannel selling environment at
 its upcoming Digital Customer Loyalty conference on August 21-22, 2000 at the
 Ritz-Carlton in Boston, Massachusetts.  The conference will also address how
 these new technologies will enhance a company's business strategy in order to
 realize the true potential of CRM and reap the benefits of interacting with
 customers either assisted or unassisted - with the end goal of attracting and
 converting the customers into repeat buyers.
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