The Yuppie Has Gone - To The Suburbs; Introducing The Scuppie; Socially Conscious Upwardly Mobile Person

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    STAMFORD, Conn., March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Chuck Failla, president of a
 successful financial planning firm, is tired of being called a Yuppie.
 Failla, like many recovering Yuppies, has found religion.
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     "Yuppie is out. What's in is the Scuppie -- the Socially Conscious,
 Upwardly-mobile Person," says Failla.
     Failla's goal is to have Scuppie take its place in the American lexicon
 as the natural evolution of the Hippie-Preppie-Yuppie progression. To
 accomplish this, he has launched a national promotional campaign and is
 currently penning "The Scuppie Handbook: A Practical Guide to Living Well
 while Doing Good."
     "Gordon Gekko has gone green," says Failla. "Vast hordes of Scuppies
 already roam the urban and suburban landscape. You can find them at the
 local Starbucks, listening to World music and earnestly asking the barista
 whether the espresso is ground from free-trade beans."
     These days, more Americans not only want to live well, but want to also
 do good (or at least do no evil). They still love money and conspicuous
 displays of affluence. But now, the way to achieve status is to trade in
 the Beemer for a Toyota Prius, spend $50,000 putting solar panels on the
 roof, and acquire a chic new wardrobe fashioned entirely of organic cotton,
 hemp and soy fiber, Failla says.
     "These are people who, although they may not yet realize it, are
 desperately yearning for an updated moniker that better encapsulates their
 ultimate altruistic-yet-stylish way of life," Failla says.
     Failla coined the term Scuppie one day at his Stamford, CT, office when
 a coworker overheard one of his phone conversations.
     "She asked whether I had picked up a new client. When I explained that
 I was doing some pro-bono work for a homeless organization, she shot a
 skeptical glance at my Armani suit and Rolex, and responded, only
 half-jokingly, that she couldn't believe a 'Yuppie scum' like me would do
 anything for free," says Failla. "That momentarily threw me for a loop, but
 then I had an epiphany."
     Failla responded to his accuser, "Hey, it's entirely possible to be
 socially conscious and desire upward mobility at the same time."
     Scuppie was born.
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