Therap Services to Attend 2nd International Conference on Intellectual Disabilities/Mental Retardation as Gold Sponsor

Oct 28, 2007, 01:00 ET from Therap Services

    DHAKA, Bangladesh, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Therap Services will attend
 the 2nd International Conference on Intellectual Disabilities/Mental
 Retardation to be held on November 6 - 8, 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand. The
 conference, co- sponsored by the World Health Organization, has set the
 theme "Resources and Roadmaps." Therap Services will be exhibiting at the
 conference as a gold sponsor.
     Therap Services will participate in a poster session at the conference.
 Therap will present three posters titled, 'Therap Worldwide,' 'Flattening
 the World for Intellectual Disabilities' and 'Improving Quality of Care and
     "We believe the poster session presents us with an opportunity to
 showcase Therap's work in the global disabilities community," said Priyanka
 Kabir, Asian Implementation Specialist, Therap Services.
     The poster 'Therap Worldwide' will focus on different aspects of
 Therap's implementation in the global disabilities community. The
 highlights are deployment of the pilot phase of the national census
 database in collaboration with Government of Bangladesh and the trial of
 Therap applications by National Federation of the Disabled Nepal.
     'Flattening the World for Intellectual Disabilities' showcases Therap's
 flexible architecture and efficient disaster recovery system. The poster
 depicts how Therap System's state of the art, industrial strength hardware
 and software offer an effective solution to maintain access to data during
 disasters. It also highlights how Therap applications can be easily
 accessed from disparate locations by care givers, administrators, family
 members and government officials.
     'Improving Quality of Care and Support' highlights Therap Services cost
 effective applications designed exclusively for the global disabilities
 community. The poster portrays applications offered by Therap Services that
 help care givers offer better care and support to persons with
 disabilities. Therap's integrated suite of 'Best Practices Applications'
 covers demographic and disability related data management, reports
 injuries, sickness and other incidents, tracks health status and creates
 training tools for individuals. For care providers, Therap offers digital
 log keeping, secure email, staff scheduling, calendar and staff training
 management system.
     About Therap Services
     Therap is a high availability service bureau providing integrated
 online reporting, documentation and communication technology services for
 organizations working with persons with disabilities worldwide. Therap's
 suite of Individual, Staff and Billing support applications provides an
 integrated solution to the needs of the disability community. Therap
 applications are being used in over thirty states in the US and in Nepal
 and Bangladesh. For further information, please visit

SOURCE Therap Services