Think the Presidential Candidates Are Up to Speed on the Latest Issues? VH1's Aamer Haleem Caught Up With the White House Hopefuls on the Campaign Trail in New Hampshire and Put Them to the Test

Feb 09, 2004, 00:00 ET from VH1

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     John Kerry
     Kerry on the Bennifer break up:
     "Yeah, I hear they broke up.  I met Ben Affleck a couple of times.  I like
 him.  He's a nice guy, a very nice guy...when you get in public life you kind
 of become a little bit of public property and you have to face that.  I've put
 up with that for awhile.  It's okay."
     Kerry on movies:
     "I love the 'Blues Brothers.'  I love the 'Indiana Jones' films... I'm as
 corny as 'E.T.' or 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.'  I love films... 'Old
 School' was the last movie I saw.  It was fun."
     Kerry on Pop Quiz:
     Kerry aced the 4 questions he was given.
     - he knew Justin Timberlake was a member of N*SYNC
     - he knew Bruce Springsteen was The Boss
     - he knew Arnold starred in 'Total Recall'
     - he knew Lebron James played for Cleveland
     Howard Dean
     What Dean is listening to right now:
     Wyclef Jean, The Grateful Dead and the Beatles
     When asked if elected president would he have the power in him to reunite
 the Fugees with Wyclef?
     I would try, believe me.  I'm a huge John Forte fan, I'm a big Lauryn Hill
 fan.  It'd be a great crew.
     Wesley Clark
     Clark on favorite books:
     "I read 30 - 40 books a year. I don't really have a favorite."
     Clark on movies:
     "I've been really engrossed in 'The Lord of the Rings' for the last couple
 of years.  I've really enjoyed it.  I saw 'Master and Commander' recently,
 just don't think you can find a better job anywhere depicting the hardships
 and rigors of life at sea in a sailing vessel at the turn of the 18th
     Clark on best depiction overall of military in film:
     "Probably the HBO series, 'Band of Brothers.' I think that was probably
 the most realistic. 'Private Ryan' had good war scenes in it, but 'Band of
 Brothers,' it really rang true to me."
     What Clark is listening to right now:
     "Right now, Madonna's Greatest Hits. Oh yeah, we went over her house, and
 we met Madonna.  We met her husband, sister and some of her friends over
     Clark's biggest indulgence:
     Chocolate covered gummy bears
     Clark on Pop Quiz:
     - he knew Michael Jackson's ranch is called Neverland
     - he knew Bruce Springsteen is The Boss
     - he knew Frodo, Gandalf and Gollum were from "Lord of the Rings"
     - he knew what a metrosexual was (*in fact gave an almost textbook
       definition of one, "these are sophisticated urban, heterosexual men who
       can do things like make crepes and iron and do things like that.")
     - he didn't know who Lebron James played for
     - he didn't know Eminem's real name
     - he didn't know who wrote the Harry Potter books (but he read them)
     - he didn't know who Brad Pitt was married to (but knew who Brad Pitt was)
     - he didn't know who the 1st American Idol was (he said Elvis Presley)
     - he didn't know what Bling Bling was
     - he didn't know what group Justin Timberlake is in (he said the Beach
     - he didn't know who starred in Total Recall
     Mrs. Clark on her husband's answers:
     "Well, I think it's the only test he's ever failed in his life."
     Joseph Lieberman
     Lieberman on Music:
     "I have very eclectic, varied music taste.  I mean they go from Boccelli
 you know, and all the old rock and roll groups like Fats Domino and The
 Platters. Sinatra's a favorite of mine a long time. And of course I like Bruce
 Springsteen now. And I went through a big Dylan phase. Don't ask me any
 details about that phase."
     Lieberman on what he does for fun:
     "Sitting around the house, have a beer. Turn on the TV. Probably watch a
 sports event. You know relax. Be with my family. Enjoy."
     Lieberman on Pop Quiz:
     - he knew Lebron James played for Cleveland
     - he knew Eminem's real name is Marshall Mathers
     - he knew Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston
     - he knew Michael Jackson's ranch is called Neverland
     - he knew Bruce Springsteen was The Boss
     - he didn't know who wrote The Harry Potter books
     - he didn't know who was the 1st American Idol (but knew about the show)
     Lieberman on how he did on the quiz:
     "You're impressing me about myself. I can't believe I know this stuff. All
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