Through-Wave Ultrasound: Effective, Economical and Ideal for Breast Imaging, Biopsy

Nov 20, 2007, 00:00 ET from Advanced Imaging Technologies

    RICHLAND, Wash., Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Imaging Technologies,
 today announced the ARIA Breast Imaging System (BIS),
 a real-time through-wave ultrasound imaging system that uses the diffractive
 properties of sound combined with holography (HU) to create highly-detailed,
 three-dimensional images of breast tissue, is now equipped for image-guided
 biopsy.  The automated system has clinically proven to provide superior views
 of the breast tissue, especially dense tissue, while delivering better data
 for enhanced diagnostic decision-making.  The system's image-guidance for
 biopsy will be demonstrated in booth #2179 at the Radiological Society of
 North America (RSNA) Scientific Sessions November
 25-29, 2007 in Chicago.
     Until now, women with dense breast tissue have had few options, as
 mammography is ineffective for dense tissue. This is significant given the
 link between tissue density and breast cancer documented in a New England
 Journal of Medicine (
 2007 study. ARIA BIS effectively penetrates dense tissue, is automated with
 whole- breast presentation capabilities and provides high spatial and
 contrast resolution. In addition, the system allows for retrieval of prior
 comparative studies for quick cross-correlation with known landmarks for
 year to year comparison.
     "Our technology has proven to have superior spatial and contrast
 resolution, especially in dense tissue," said Jeanette Griscavage-Ennis,
 PhD, Manager, Clinical Applications. "The data we capture is saturated with
 critical information that is important for diagnostic procedures such as
 biopsy. Our real-time image-guidance capabilities provide physicians with
 precision for improved biopsy accuracy," added Griscavage-Ennis."
     Breast imaging has become a multimodality process intended to improve
 detection, diagnosis and staging of breast cancer. The result is earlier
 detection and improved outcomes for thousands of women. However, use of
 multiple modalities has real economic implications for workflow and
 efficiency. Low reimbursement rates make it difficult for imaging centers
 to stay financially sound and although demand for breast imaging services
 has increased, the numbers of imaging clinics has decreased.
     Minimally operator dependent, ARIA BIS seamlessly blends the critical
 elements of multiple modalities into a single system that integrates easily
 into the patient work-up while improving workflow and efficiency. The
 system is PACS/DICOM compliant and features a flexible workstation that
 interfaces effortlessly with multiple imaging and reporting systems.
     The ARIA BIS is FDA cleared for breast imaging and image-guided breast
 biopsy. Learn more about ARIA BIS at
     Contact: Stephanie Hartwig
                P 509-375-3100 C 509-430-3515

SOURCE Advanced Imaging Technologies