TimeSys Announces Broader Support for the PowerPC 750 Processor

Embedded Linux Solution Available for the Force

Computer PowerCore-6750(TM) VME Board

Mar 12, 2002, 00:00 ET from TimeSys Corporation

    SAN FRANCISCO and PITTSBURGH, March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Embedded Systems
 Conference - TimeSys Corporation, a pioneer and leader in Embedded Linux and
 Java(TM) development technologies, today announced that it is broadening
 support of the PowerPC processor architecture with the release of a board
 support package (BSP) for Force Computer's PowerCore-6750(TM) VME board, based
 on the Motorola PowerPC 750 processor.  This is the second BSP from TimeSys
 for a board based on the PowerPC 750 processor, Motorola's MCP750 board, and
 expands TimeSys' overall support footprint to include boards based on a large
 range of processor architectures that include IA32 (x86), ARM, MIPS, PowerPC,
 SuperH, and Xscale.
     TimeSys has developed a Board Support Package (BSP) specifically optimized
 for the architectural features of the PowerPC 750 processor and the
 PowerCore-6750 VME board.  The TimeSys PowerCore-6750 BSP will feature TimeSys
 Linux GPL, consisting of a fully featured preemptible kernel that extends a
 standard Linux distribution to support the predictable, extremely low-latency
 response requirements of embedded systems based on the PowerPC architecture.
 Available for the PowerCore-6750 BSP are additional Linux-based TimeSys
 modules that transform TimeSys Linux GPL to meet the requirements of
 applications ranging from handheld devices to automotive telematics.  TimeSys
 Linux/Real-Time delivers additional capabilities to deliver full response
 predictability to TimeSys Linux GPL.  TimeSys Linux/CPU and /Net provides
 capabilities for dynamic load handling and system overload protection.  Used
 in conjunction with TimeSys' cross-platform development tools, TimeSys
 provides a complete embedded Linux-based solution for the PowerCore-6750 VME
     "Our embedded Linux real-time operating system and development tools
 present a flexible and low-cost solution that perfectly complements the
 features of the PowerCore family of boards, which are designed for embedded
 telecommunications and industrial control systems that require robust and
 predictable performance," said TimeSys President and CEO Larry Weidman.  "Our
 BSP for the PowerCore-6750 VME board enables systems designers to build high-
 performance systems with a complete embedded Linux-based solution optimized
 specifically for the PowerPC architecture."
     TimeSys' BSP for the PowerCore-6750 delivers a complete solution for
 embedded engineers that include:
     -- Support for the PowerPC 750 and the PowerCore-6750 VME board for
        TimeSys' complete embedded-Linux product offering
     -- Linux board-hosted GNU tool chains
     -- IA32 (x86) Linux cross-platform GNU tool chains
     -- Timing analysis core for use by TimeSys' event tracing and timing
        visualization tool: TimeTrace
     -- Certified device drivers
     -- User and API documentation
     Supporting Windows-based developers, TimeSys supports the PowerPC 750 with
 the following set of Windows-based cross-development tools:
     -- TimeStorm: TimeSys' Windows-hosted Integrated Development Environment
        for cross-platform development
     -- TimeTrace: a Windows-hosted tool for event tracing and timing
     -- TimeWiz: a Windows-hosted real-time analysis and simulation tool
     The complete TimeSys BSP for the Force Computer PowerCore-6750(TM)
 Embedded Board is now available for download at www.TimeSys.com.
     TimeSys will be demonstrating the full range of capabilities of its
 embedded Linux operating system, development tools, and proprietary
 performance enhancing modules for the PowerPC family of processors at the
 Embedded Systems Conference West, being held at the Moscone Center in San
 Francisco, March 12-16.
     TimeSys Solutions
     TimeSys Linux GPL is a full Linux distribution for all supported embedded
 boards that includes everything needed to develop, deploy, and maintain an
 embedded platform.  For each board, this distribution includes not only the
 world's lowest-latency Linux kernel, but also all the libraries, tool chains,
 utilities, drivers, scripts, and documentation, all distributed under the GNU
 Public License (GPL).  Coupled with TimeSys Linux/Real-Time, it offers trend-
 setting add-on proprietary capabilities that transform Linux into a first-
 class real-time operating system with unmatched latency, responsiveness, and
 real-time capabilities.  TimeSys Linux/CPU and TimeSys Linux/Net offer the
 unparalleled capability to reserve guaranteed CPU and network interface
 availability for critical applications, regardless of load or priorities.
     In addition, TimeSys offers the tools needed to produce embedded
 applications in the Linux domain.  TimeStorm, a Windows-hosted Integrated
 Development Environment with cross-platform capabilities for many target
 boards, TimeTrace, a Windows-hosted target platform event tracing
 visualization tool, and TimeWiz, a Windows-hosted real-time analysis and
 simulation tool make it much easier to create predictable, robust applications
 using the TimeSys Linux product line.
     About TimeSys
     TimeSys is a pioneer and leader in Embedded Linux and Java development
 technologies.  Its products allow design engineers to leverage the power,
 flexibility and reliability of a new class of development tools for advanced
 embedded systems for a variety of markets and applications, covering the
 complete performance range from non-real-time to deterministic hard real-time,
 using both open-source and proprietary technologies.  TimeSys is considered
 the top choice by systems architects for developing more robust, less
 expensive, single API Linux solutions for embedded systems. TimeSys was the
 first to create a reservation technology that guarantees system response, even
 in overloaded systems.  TimeSys solutions offer completely predictable and
 fast response time performance. For more information about TimeSys, please
 visit http://www.timesys.com email to info@timesys.com or call 1-888-432-TIME.
     Java and all Java-based marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of
 Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.
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