TimeSys Reaches Key Corporate and Marketplace Milestones in First Quarter of 2002

Pioneer of Embedded Systems Software Poised to Assume Industry Leadership Role

Mar 11, 2002, 00:00 ET from TimeSys

    SAN FRANCISCO and PITTSBURGH, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Embedded Systems
 Conference - The first quarter of 2002 represented the most successful and
 active period in TimeSys' history and sets the stage for more changes in the
 industry during the months ahead.  The company increased the amount of
 invested outside capital with a new round of funding from institutional
 venture firms and strategic partners.  TimeSys' embedded Linux solution has
 been enhanced to support some of the leading embedded processor architectures,
 and the company entered into OEM partnerships with leading embedded systems
     Commenting on the company's rapid growth and progress, President and CEO
 Larry Weidman said, "It would be easy to look back at the first quarter and be
 proud of our accomplishments, but our mission was to build a foundation for
 dramatic changes in the embedded systems industry, so this is just the
 beginning.  We are setting new standards by offering the only truly out-of-box
 embedded Linux GPL solution and redefining the expectations for performance
 and reliability."
     Corporate News
     Within the past few days, TimeSys completed a $15.5 million round of
 financing led by Adams Capital Management, The Hillman Company and strategic
 investors Sun Microsystems, Inc., Philips Electronics, and Kyoto, Japan-based
 Nissin Systems.  In order to execute on the company's new strategy, TimeSys
 promoted Manas Saksena to the position of vice president of development, and
 Friedman Wagner-Dobler to the position of vice president of engineering.  New
 additions to the management team include Mike Bauer, new vice president of
 product marketing, and Peter Dibble, new distinguished engineer.  Mr. Bauer
 was previously vice president of product marketing at MarketSoft Corp.  Mr.
 Dibble was previously Senior Scientist at Microware Systems Inc. and is the
 third TimeSys scientist to have membership in the Real Time Specification of
 Java Expert Group under the Sun sponsored Java Community Process (JCP).
 TimeSys also moved into new corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh's central
 business district.
     TimeSys has also increased its leadership within the embedded systems
 marketplace, as evidenced by its securing of top speaking slots at the
 Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco this week.  Vice president of
 technology Doug Locke and principal architect Mark Gerhardt will be teaching a
 two-part class on "Real-Time Architectures" on Friday, March 15.  Also, vice
 president of development Manas Saksena will be teaching a class introducing
 "Linux as a Real-Time Operating System" on Saturday, March 16.
     Product News
     For design engineers looking for a low-cost, powerful and reliable
 environment for developing embedded systems, TimeSys announced a new product
 strategy in which they have unbundled their real-time embedded Linux suite and
 are focusing on optimizing their development tools, Linux operating system,
 and performance enhancing modules for the most popular embedded boards.
 Further minimizing time-to-market, TimeSys is developing board support
 packages (BSP) for the most popular embedded boards based on a variety of
 processor architectures including PowerPC, ARM, Super-H, IA32 (x86) and
 XScale(TM).  Each BSP features TimeSys Linux GPL, a fully featured Linux
 distribution with the lowest-latency Linux kernel available, distributed under
 the GNU General Public License (GPL), proprietary add-on Linux modules for
 performance and robustness, certified device drivers, documentation, cross-
 platform development tool chain and board-hosted tool chain.
     TimeSys provides a complete embedded Linux-based solution for the
 following boards:
      -- PowerPC: Embedded Planet's RPX-CLLF and EP8260, Motorola MCP750, and
          Synergy's VGM5
      -- ARM: Cirrus Logic CDB 89712
      -- Super-H: Hitachi Solution Engine SH-3 and SH-4
      -- Pentium: any Pentium or Pentium-compatible PC
      -- Xscale: Intel(TM) IQ80310
     Real-Time Specification for Java(TM) (RTSJ)
     TimeSys also played an important role in the RTSJ Expert Group, making
 significant contributions to the development of the specification.  TimeSys'
 Reference Implementation for the Real-Time Specification for Java was accepted
 by the Java Community Process, providing proof of implementation of the RTSJ
 as well as providing the virtual machine required to test a Java technology-
 based application against the real-time specification.
     TimeSys and Embedded Planet have entered into a partnership to jointly
 deliver PowerPC-based single board computers running TimeSys Linux GPL
 providing design engineers a complete turnkey development environment.
 TimeSys is now Embedded Planet's exclusive provider of embedded Linux
 solutions with the EP8260, and EP RPX-CLLF Linux Kits already shipping with
 more to come in the near future.  TimeSys and Embedded Planet will jointly
 market and sell TimeSys' performance enhancing modules, TimeSys Linux/Real-
 Time, TimeSys Linux/Net, and TimeSys Linux/CPU.  Customers will receive free
 60-day evaluation copies of TimeSys' cross-platform development tools:
 TimeStorm, a Windows-hosted Integrated Development Environment (IDE),
 TimeTrace, a Windows-hosted event tracing visualization tool, and TimeWiz, a
 Windows-hosted real-time analysis and simulation tool.
     In the next few weeks, TimeSys will be announcing additional OEM
 partnerships with other embedded systems providers in order to provide design
 engineers with turnkey solutions for a wide range of popular embedded boards
 powered by TimeSys Linux.
     About TimeSys
     TimeSys is a pioneer and leader in Embedded Linux and Java development
 technologies.  Its products allow design engineers to leverage the power,
 flexibility and reliability of a new class of development tools for advanced
 embedded systems for a variety of markets and applications, covering the
 complete performance range from non-real-time to deterministic hard real-time,
 using both open-source and proprietary technologies.  TimeSys is considered
 the top choice by systems architects for developing more robust, less
 expensive, single API Linux solutions for embedded systems.  TimeSys was the
 first to create a reservation technology that guarantees system response, even
 in overloaded systems.  TimeSys solutions offer completely predictable and
 fast response time performance.  For more information about TimeSys, please
 visit http://www.timesys.com, email to info@timesys.com or call
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