Tip to Local Anti-Drug Organization DAMMADD Leads to Arrest of South Carolina Couple Suspected of Running Illegal Drug Lab in Their Home

DAMMADD Tip Line Proves to Be a Success in South Carolina

Sep 07, 2004, 01:00 ET from DAMMADD

    PELION, S.C., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- A tip provided to the Dads and Mad
 Moms Against Drug Dealers (DAMMADD) website led to the arrest of a local
 married couple suspected of running a drug lab in their Pelion area home.
     The Lexington County Sheriff's Department arrested David Russell Hamilton
 and Deborah L. Hamilton on August 24, 2004 on charges of drug trafficking and
 unlawful conduct towards their children, who were living in the residence
 where the lab and chemicals were present.  According to the arrest warrant, a
 search of the couple's Pelion home led to the discovery of a crank lab that
 had greater than 400 grams of substance that was in production.
     The investigation was sparked after an anonymous tip came into DAMMADD, an
 internet-based program that is directly accessible through the South Carolina
 Sheriff's Association's website (http://www.sheriffsc.com) or the DAMMADD
 website (http://www.dammadd.org).  South Carolina is the first state to
 partner with DAMMADD through a state law enforcement association.  DAMMADD's
 mission is to assist law enforcement by providing them with tips about illegal
 drug trafficking activity.
     "This latest arrest demonstrates that the DAMMADD program is already
 working in South Carolina," said DAMMADD Founder & President Steven Steiner.
 "The South Carolina DAMMADD team is thankful to all those who continue to
 provide us with tips. This outcome is an example of how one small tip can
 really make a difference in fighting drug dealers."
     The South Carolina Sheriff's Department partnered up with DAMMADD in June
 2004 to help fight drug crime in the state. The organization currently
 operates in 31 states with over 225 law enforcement partners. The tip line
 program gives the public a way to report drug crimes in their community
 without retribution, and it pays rewards for information that leads to the
 arrest and conviction of persons involved in drug trafficking.
     "It is important for the public to know that tips are accepted at every
 level -- from information about a drug kingpin to the street corner dealer.
 DAMMADD was set up to provide a secure channel for citizens to give tips to
 law enforcement while remaining anonymous," said Jack Nunn, former Director of
 Team South Carolina, who got involved with DAMMADD in June 2002, after he lost
 his own son to a drug dealer.
     The organization recently received a $50,000 grant from The Purdue Pharma
 Fund of Stamford, Connecticut to help expand its programs into Mississippi and
 South Carolina. Already, results are being seen in both states.
     In June, Mississippi authorities arrested a 36-year-old Ocean Springs
 woman who was charged with possession with intent to sell more than two grams
 of cocaine after a tip to the DAMMADD website sparked an investigation by the
 Jackson County Narcotics Task Force.
     Since its inception, DAMMADD has provided law enforcement with over 1553
 tips, resulting in 50 arrests and 31 convictions in states including Georgia,
 Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and now South Carolina.
     DAMMADD (Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers) is a grass-roots
 organization dedicated to helping fight drug dealers. The organization
 partners with other anti-drug abuse organizations throughout the U.S. in the
 fight against the illegal drug trade and works nationwide to promote drug free
 schools. Additional information about DAMMADD can be
 found at http://www.DAMMADD.org