TI's New DaVinci(TM) Technology Development Kit Simplifies Design Effort for Next-Generation Video Applications

Unprecedented Tools Radically Improve Software Integration and System


Jun 06, 2006, 01:00 ET from Texas Instruments Incorporated

    HOUSTON, June 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing to streamline the creation
 of innovative digital video systems, Texas Instruments (NYSE:   TXN) (TI)
 today announced a new digital video software development kit based on
 DaVinci technology. The new software development kit incorporates
 exceptional software integration and system visualization technology with a
 full Linux operating system to integrate and tune complex systems quickly
 and efficiently. For more information, please see http://www.ti.com/dvsdkpr
     System designers will use the software development kit to have even
 greater access to TI's DaVinci technology, the industry's most powerful
 combination of video hardware and software. The new kit includes the
 eXpressDSP(TM) Configuration Kit, TMS320DM644x SoC Analyzer based on
 eXpressDSP Data Visualization Technology and MontaVista's Linux to help
 reduce the application development cycle from months to weeks. Developers
 will use the kit to create and tune optimized IP-set top boxes, video
 phones, video security systems and other advanced digital video
     "To create our smart surveillance camera reference design, we took
 advantage of TI's new software development kit and DaVinci technology to
 achieve optimum system performance and simultaneously shaved more than
 three months off of our expected development time," said Upendra Patel,
 chief technology officer, eInfochips. "The complete package consisting of
 multimedia codecs, MontaVista(TM) Linux and framework components with
 DaVinci technology enables us to deliver high performance and feature-rich
 solutions addressing the needs of target market segments."
     New capabilities streamline video system development
     The eXpressDSP Configuration Kit, included in the new software
 development kit, allows system developers to integrate discrete software
 modules and combine them into a single executable output for the system,
 avoiding months of tedious manual integration. By making it possible to
 easily create custom bundles of codecs for specific applications, the
 configuration kit simplifies code reuse and gives developers time to focus
 their engineering efforts on adding features and value to their products.
 The configuration kit integrates TI's video, imaging, speech and audio
 codecs, as well as custom codecs that comply with TI's eXpressDSP Digital
 Media (xDM) algorithm standard, TI's codec engine framework, DSP/BIOS(TM)
 real-time kernel and TI's DSP/BIOS Link inter- processor communication
     The unparalleled DM644x SoC Analyzer in the software development kit is
 the first single tool to provide complete system visibility, enabling
 developers to identify bottlenecks that were previously impossible to
 identify. The minimally invasive tool aids in analyzing and identifying
 problems by capturing and graphically displaying system interaction, load
 distribution, bottlenecks in data throughput and other types of behavior.
 As the tasks run on both the DSP and ARM cores of the TMS320DM644x
 processors the analyzer captures and displays the data on a single timeline
 providing a complete system view of the application, eliminating the
 tedious process of manually collecting and comparing data on each core
 before optimization begins.
     Finally, the software development kit also helps developers reduce
 system test time with a robust, digital-video optimized Linux OS offering
 for the DaVinci technology-based DM644x processors. The platform includes a
 proven, system-tested Linux board support package from MontaVista that has
 been optimized for video applications. Developers using the platform will
 license and receive support for the MontaVista distribution and DevRocket
 integrated development environment directly from TI, which will give them
 access to the industry's vast store of Linux-based resources.
     "TI's DaVinci technology, with best in class performance, was the
 natural choice to use in our digital media adaptor product and reference
 design," said Alain Molinie, chief executive officer, Awox. "The processor
 enables multiple applications on a single hardware device, provides
 comprehensive expansion connectors with minimal glue logic and is tailored
 specifically for digital video applications. DaVinci technology, based on a
 full software process for encoding and decoding multimedia files, makes our
 reference design future proof, while the MontaVista Linux allowed for rapid
 development and reduced time to market."
     Pricing and availability
     The digital video software development kit based on DaVinci technology
 will be available from TI in 3Q 2006. The TMDSSDK6446-L platform, with
 introductory pricing at $6,995, includes the tools and features discussed
 in this release and addresses the needs of developers who are already
 invested in TI development tools. For those undertaking new DaVinci
 technology designs, the TMDSSDK6446-3L, with introductory pricing at
 $10,995, also includes an emulator and the Code Composer Studio(TM)
 Integrated Development Environment, version 3.2, in addition to the tools
 and features discussed in the release. The software development kit
 requires a target platform, and TI offers the digital video evaluation
 module (DVEVM) for this purpose. For more information about TI's DaVinci
 technology offerings and to find about the DaVinci Technology Technical
 Seminars in your region, see http://www.thedavincieffect.com .
     About Texas Instruments
     Texas Instruments Incorporated provides innovative DSP and analog
 technologies to meet our customers' real world signal processing
 requirements. In addition to Semiconductor, the company includes the
 Educational & Productivity Solutions business. TI is headquartered in
 Dallas, Texas, and has manufacturing, design or sales operations in more
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