TM4 equips the Cleanova II: the latest electric vehicle of S.V.E.

Sep 24, 2004, 01:00 ET from HYDRO-QUEBEC

    BOUCHERVILLE, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire/ - TM4 has developed and produced the
 drivetrain system of the Cleanova II, the new hybrid electric vehicle that is
 presented at the Paris Auto Show by the Societe de Vehicules Electriques
 (S.V.E.), company formed by the Dassault and Heuliez groups. The Cleanova II,
 based on a Renault Kangoo platform, is displayed at the Heuliez stand.
     This multifunction drivetrain system integrates, in one single module, a
 35kW electrical motor and a 15kW range extender generator with an integrated
 differential. Moreover, this system includes in this same module all the
 associated control and power electronics, the DC-DC converter and the battery
 charger. TM4's system makes of the Cleanova II a hybrid vehicle that runs
 primarily in electric mode. The Cleanova II versatile hybrid system allows for
 many uses. Firstly, it can operate in all-electric mode. Secondly, the
 generator, that is typically used to recharge the battery as a range extender,
 can also be coupled to the main electrical motor to boost its performance,
 depending on road conditions and the driver's requests.
     TM4's motors utilize permanent-magnet technology, which helps reduce
 energy consumption, the size and weight of the motors, therefore increasing
 the performance and driving range of the Cleanova II. S.V.E. intends to
 commercialize this vehicle in the second half of 2006. A full electric version
 of that vehicle, also equipped with a TM4 drivetrain, will be commercialized
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