TNI Forms Executive Committee to Focus on Government Lobbying and Engaging With Large Texas Corporations for Texas Nanotechnology Industry

TNI Elects Two Texas Nanotechnology Experts to the Board of Directors

May 04, 2005, 01:00 ET from Texas Nanotechnology Initiative from ,Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C.

    AUSTIN, Texas, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The Texas Nanotechnology Initiative
 (TNI) today announces the formation of an executive committee to help in
 promoting the commercialization and growth of the state's nanotechnology
 sector through aggressively lobbying the Texas Legislature and federal
     Members of the newly formed executive committee include several of Texas'
 nanotechnology leaders, including Kelly Kordzik, TNI's president; Wade Adams,
 TNI's chairman of the board; TNI founder and Board Member, Jim von Ehr; Randy
 Bell, president and CEO of Nanotechnologies, Inc.; and Dr. Bob Gower,
 president and CEO of Carbon Nanotechnologies, Inc. (CNI).  Mr. Bell and Dr.
 Gower have also been elected to serve on TNI's Board of Directors.
     Dr. Gower brings 36 years of experience in the chemical industry with such
 companies as ARCO Chemical, Atlantic Richfield and Lyondell Petrochemical. Mr.
 Bell brings more than 25 years of senior executive management experience in
 sales, product management and marketing with such companies as ATT/NCR,
 Structural Dynamics Research Corporation, Integrated Systems Inc, and Dell
 Computer Corporation to the TNI Board of Directors.
     "TNI is dedicated to collaborating with industry and government leaders
 across the state and nation, and by forming this executive committee we are
 focusing our efforts to ensure nanotechnology continues to play a vital role
 in our state's economic future," said Kordzik.  "Having Dr. Gower and Mr. Bell
 join the TNI Board of Directors and executive committee will provide a big
 boost to TNI's efforts to drive its strategic direction and reach out to those
 corporations interested in Texas' nanotechnology sector."
     Through their collaborative efforts, the new executive committee's three
 primary objectives are: 1) to aggressively lobby the Texas Legislature in an
 effort to secure the passage of Governor Rick Perry's proposed Texas Emerging
 Technology Fund; 2) to leverage contacts in Washington, D.C. and on Capital
 Hill to gain support and secure research grants from the federal government to
 help grow Texas' nanotechnology sector; and 3) to engage the involvement and
 participation of large corporations who have a vested interest in the growth
 of Texas' nanotechnology marketplace.
     "With an evolving world economy, Texas must remain competitive by
 expanding its efforts in the fields of emerging technologies, increasing
 support at the university level, propelling the economy and boosting Texas'
 overall economic presence and power," said Dr. Gower.
     "The growing demand by Fortune 1000 companies for advanced technology only
 perpetuates the continued support in the development of nanotechnology," said
 Bell.  "We must increase the awareness and assistance from large corporations
 in order to ensure sustained growth, continued research efforts among our
 universities and increased monetary funds towards the development of
     The members of TNI's new executive committee believe one sure catalyst to
 enable the state's continued growth in nanotechnology is the passing of the
 Texas Emerging Technology Fund.  This state-funded proposal aims at bolstering
 innovation, research and job creation in emerging high-tech industries like
 nanotechnology.  The TNI executive committee is assisting other groups in a
 state-wide, grassroots effort to obtain passage for the fund.  The committee
 will also use its contacts in Washington, D.C. to lobby the federal government
 in hopes of securing additional grant monies for the research of
 nanotechnology in Texas.
     The state was recently ranked number five by Small Times magazine in its
 fourth annual ranking of the top 10 micro and nanotechnology states in the
 United States.  According to the survey, Texas continues to see growth within
 the nanotechnology market and is well positioned to further increase its
 leadership profile in the application of nanotechnology to create and improve
 a vast array of products.  Texas continues to add resources year after year to
 the already abundant talent in place, fueling the job market and acting as an
 economic catalyst for the Texas economy.
     TNI is dedicated to establishing Texas as a world leader in the discovery,
 development and commercialization of nanotechnology.  Now in its fourth year,
 TNI is a state-wide consortium of Texas-based universities, industry leaders,
 investors, and government officials focused on bringing top nanotechnology
 companies, researchers, funding, business and education entities together to
 develop the infrastructure necessary to turn Texas into an international
 player on the nanotechnology stage.  For more information about the Texas
 Nanotechnology Initiative, please visit the Web site at .

SOURCE Texas Nanotechnology Initiative; Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C.