TNS Reports Record Breaking Number of Millionaires in the USA

Annual Survey of the Wealthy Reveals Significant Growth in Internet

Investing Reducing the Need for a Financial Advisor

May 01, 2007, 01:00 ET from TNS

    NEW YORK, May 1 /PRNewswire/ -- TNS, one of the world's largest market
 information companies, today released highlights from its annual Affluent
 Market Research Program (AMRP), the longest running program of its kind.
 Among the key survey findings were the following:
     -- The number of U.S. millionaire households has risen to a record high of
        9.3 million as of mid-2006. This is an increase of five percent from
        the prior year, and the fourth consecutive year that the population of
        millionaires has increased (Millionaires are defined as $1MM in net
        worth excluding primary residence)
     -- Among those millionaires who have Internet access, online trading has
        jumped 45 percent over the last five years, to 32 percent.
     -- Among the 37% who do not use a financial advisor, 46% cited "I feel I
        do better managing my own money," and 31% said "the wealth of
        information makes a professional advisor unnecessary."
     -- Los Angeles County ranks number one with the most number of
        millionaires -- over 268,000
     The AMRP has been in existence since 1981 and provides leading
 financial services organizations with valuable insights into the attitudes
 and behaviors of affluent households.
     The study reveals that the single most important financial goal of this
 group is "to assure a comfortable standard of living during retirement." A
 less important financial goal is "leaving an estate for my heirs."
     While the number of millionaires who are investing via the Internet is
 increasing dramatically, 60 percent continue to obtain investment advice
 from a professional advisor.
     George Ravich, senior vice president of TNS' Syndicated Programs
 commented on the findings -- "The availability of high quality investment
 information has had a profound impact on the affluent investor's confidence
 and their ability to self-advise. Over half of affluent investors with
 Internet access use it to research investments, and 32 percent trade
 securities online, an increase of about 45 percent since 2002."
     Top Ten Counties With Highest Number of Millionaire Residents
                             MILLIONAIRE      MILLIONAIRE         MILLIONAIRE
                             HOUSEHOLDS       HOUSEHOLDS          HOUSEHOLDS
                                           (based on state's     (based on US
                                            total population   total population
                                             of millionaire      of millionaire
                                               households)        households)
     1    Los Angeles
           County, CA         268,136              23%                  3%
     2    Cook County, IL     171,118              40%                  2%
     3    Orange County, CA   116,157              10%                  1%
     4    Maricopa
           County, AZ         113,414              62%                  1%
     5    San Diego
           County, CA         102,138               9%                  1%
     6    Harris County, TX    99,504              16%                  1%
     7    Nassau County, NY    79,704              13%                  1%
     8    Santa Clara
           County, CA          74,824               6%                  1%
     9    Palm Beach
           County, FL          71,221              11%                  1%
     10   King County, WA      68,390              33%                  1%
     Number of Millionaire Households From 2001 To 2006
     YEAR             NUMBER OF US MILLIONAIRE                  INCREASE FROM
                      HOUSEHOLDS (In millions)                  PRIOR YEAR
     2006                       9.3                                   5%
     2005                       8.9                                   9%
     2004                       8.2                                  33%
     2003                       6.2                                  13%
     2002                       5.5                                  -9%
     2001                       6.0                                  -4%
     About the TNS Financial Services Affluent Market Research Program AMRP
 has been providing the financial services community with critical data and
 insights since 1981. The study is based on a representative national sample
 of over 1,600 households with a net worth of $500,000 or more, excluding
 primary residence. The mail-based survey includes additional interviews of
 households with $1 million or more in investable assets and the emerging
     TNS is a leading provider of market data for the financial services
 industry. In addition to AMRP, TNS offers extensive research on small
 business banking and consumer credit card usage. These programs are part of
 a global inventory of 43 syndicated research programs.
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