Tom Waits' Real Gone Critic's Quotes

Dec 10, 2004, 00:00 ET from Tom Waits

    LOS ANGELES, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Here's how critics from around the
 globe have weighed in on Real Gone:
     "Like an altar built of barbed wire, scrap metal and broken glass, 'Real
 Gone' hammers ungraceful materials into something like beauty."
     --New York Times, 9/27/04
     "Real Gone ... raw, rustic, primal and immediate, it's a leap in the
 mud ... "
     --Los Angeles Times, 9/26/04
     " ... A voice as loud and leathery as any drum has taken its rightful
 place in the rhythm orchestra ... he's a genre unto himself ... "
     --The Nation, 11/8/04
     "Riveting ... "
     --Entertainment Weekly, 10/8/04
     "Tom Waits bellows through Real Gone like he's been knocking back pure
 lava, rasping out sinister names and details ... The percussion behind a lot
 of these songs is Waits' own coughs, barks and gurgles, a sort of brain-eating
 zombie-alien-beatbox effect that underscores the lyrics' savage visions."
     --Rolling Stone, 10/28/04
     "The album is comfortably steeped in Waits' appreciation for the sublime
 possibilities in the atonal and erratic ... as close as he's yet come to
 recapturing the muddy, mechanical majesty of his magnum opus Bone Machine."
     --Harp, Sept./Oct. 2004
     "At 54, Waits sounds like a man who could still go toe-to-hoof with Satan
 himself, growling and snarling through his ragged, hell-spawned tropicalia.
 This is dark stuff, a murky underworld worth getting lost in."
     --Details, Oct. 2004
     " ... In terms of sheer sonic turbulence, there's nothing else quite like
 it in the Waits discography..."
     --Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/5/04
     " ... Waits continues to thrive by making a series of left turns that are
 unpredictable and always rewarding.  With the masterful 'Real Gone,' he
 delivers one of the most captivating albums of the year."
     --San Diego Union Tribune, 10/7/04
     "Real Gone ... is an amalgam of earthy funk, beatnik howl, and backwoods
 river bottom blues.  Waits' music seems to seep from the subconscious, while
 his lyrics pinpoint humanity often cloaked in shadow."
     --Thrasher, Nov. 2004
     "... It deserves -- no, needs -- to be heard ... "
     "A man who marries experimentation with consistency ... genius ... Play it
 loud and wonder"
     --Time Out
     "Remarkable ... eccentric and obtuse as ever ... Waits is entirely out on
 his own."
     --The Guardian
     "Brilliant and soulful ... an inventive and triumphant classic."
     --Independent, 5/5 stars
     "Sensational ... compelling ... an extraordinary thing."
     --Daily Telegraph, Album of the Week
     "Irresistible ... haunted beauty ... a dark treat."
     --London Times, Album of the Week
     "Extraordinary ... a treasure."
     --Observer Music Monthly
     "If Alice was the most beautiful record since Closing Time, Real Gone is
 the most simple, most essential album since Swordfishtrombones."
     "21 years after Swordfishtrombones comes a phenomenal and surprising
     "Real Gone contains more wildness, sincere beauty and humanity than you
 can ever capture in a dream."
     --OOR Holland

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