Tooth Fairy Bucks Trend: 'Gift' Gets Knocked Down by 29 Cents

Annual Tooth Fairy Poll Reveals trends in payout plus children's dental


Apr 18, 2007, 01:00 ET from Securian Dental Plans

    EAGAN, Minn., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Ouch. If you're a kid, getting a
 tooth knocked out today doesn't pay as much as it did last year, according
 to Securian Dental's 2007 Tooth Fairy Poll. The average "gift" children
 received was $1.71 per tooth in 2007, compared to $2 in 2006 -- a decrease
 of 29 cents or 14.5 percent.
     "The downswing is inconsistent with trends exhibited in other more
 commonplace indices," said Marty Weiland, operations analyst for Securian
 Dental. "The NASDAQ and Down Jones Industrial Average indices have
 increased 7.6 percent and 3.5 percent over this same time period,
 respectively. It is worth noting that we didn't see as many "over-the-top"
 gifts this year; a gift of $10 or more was not as prevalent."
     According to the poll, Tooth Fairy gift amounts ranged from a low of 25
 cents to a high of $25 per tooth. In addition, parents of today's kids
 reported that they received an average of 49 cents per tooth as children.
     Brushing Up
     The poll also revealed that most children are working hard to keep
 their teeth clean. According to Securian Dental's poll, which goes out to a
 sampling of its commercially insured population, 68 percent of parents
 report that their children brush their teeth twice per day. Approximately
 91 percent of parents surveyed state their children receive a dental exam
 every six months. Parents also report that children typically have their
 first visit to the dentist between the ages of one and five.
     "While these poll results show positive trends, the American Dental
 Association recommends that a child be seen by a dentist as soon as his or
 her first tooth erupts, but at least no later than their first birthday,"
 said Dr. Richard Hastreiter, vice president of oral health analytics and
 dental director for Securian Dental. "It is important for parents to know
 that the frequency of dental visits needs to be determined by the dentist,
 based on an assessment of the child's unique oral health needs -- rather
 than on a pre-set schedule. This approach ensures your child receives the
 most appropriate, timely care."
     Sweet Tooth
     The poll also revealed that 36 percent of parents indicate that their
 children consume an average of three or more sugar drinks and/or treats per
 day. "Children can be taught from an early age to eat an orally healthy and
 nutritious diet," says Dr. Hastreiter. "Encourage your children to make
 healthy choices. Teach them to eat a balanced diet and limit in-between
 meal snacks of foods containing high levels of sugar, especially sticky
 foods such as raisins, fruit rolls or candy. This will help promote good
 dental health as well as overall health."
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